A Day At Paradise Cove Beach Malibu
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A Day At Paradise Cove Beach Malibu

A Day At Paradise Cove Beach Malibu

One of the biggest advantages of living in Los Angeles is the fact that it is surrounded by beautiful beaches along the Pacific Ocean.  Even though we do not live right next to the beach, we are only about an hour drive away from beautiful beach cities like Malibu and Santa Monica.  On the flip side, since a lot of our beach areas are world famous, they get extremely busy especially on the weekends during summer months.  During the week, it gets more manageable, so every now and then, we will try and take a day off and head out to the beach.

Last week was our ten year anniversary.  We had planned different things throughout the week and one of the things involved treating ourselves to a day at Paradise Cove beach Malibu.  This is a private beach located in Malibu.  Malibu is the “brand name” of all the beaches in the Los Angeles area.  One of the reasons for this is the 21 mile strip of prime Pacific coastline which is home to many Hollywood movie stars and executives, making it one of the most expensive areas to live in Southern California.  Malibu has many different public beaches, but we like Paradise Cove because it’s secluded and has all the amenities you need right there. It can also get very busy on weekends which is why we decided to go midweek to miss the crowds.  It has its own seafood restaurant called Paradise Cove Café, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner all day. You can also bring your own picnic and cooler with drinks onto the beach which is great.  Additionally, the beach offers cabanas and beds that you can rent, which are very convenient.  Parking is $40.00 a day which is expensive but if you only stay four hours and eat at the restaurant, you only pay $6.00.  Some people also park on the side of Pacific Coast Highway and walk in for $20.  It is a little expensive but once you are settled in, it feels like you are away on vacation somewhere and it is all worth it.

We had planned to get there for brunch and walk around a bit before changing into our bathing suits and relaxing for the rest of the day. For my outfit in the morning, I decided to wear another one of my all time favorite jackets,  I decided to wear it over my tank top and shorts because it was still a little chilly in the morning.  This white eyelet summer jacket was part of my clothing line I had many years ago called “Nora Minas”, this cute lightwewight jacket never goes out of style and every summer I keep wearing it because I love it so much.  I am wearing it here with my denim shorts, white tank top and my new black gladiator sandals.  Throw on some cute jewelry and a fabulous hat and you are good to go to the beach in style.

After our brunch and taking the blog pictures, I turned off all electronics (except for my music) and enjoyed my day off in the sun at the beach.

How about you, are you taking some valuable time off to spend at the beach?


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Jacket – My own design (Nora Minas) Old

Shorts – Hudson jeans that I cut into shorts

Tank top – Massimo Target

Gladiator Sandals – Steve Madden (had white soles but I had it painted black)

Canvas bag – D&G

Sunglasses – BCBG

Belt – Ferragamo

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34 thoughts on “A Day At Paradise Cove Beach Malibu

  1. happy anniversary!

    i’m embarassed to say that i live in LA yet i’ve never been to paradise cove. i’ve frequented other beaches but never been there…would have to visit!

    rhea @ rheaetcetera.com

  2. What an amazing place to live near! You’re so lucky. Your outfit is super stylish, another stunning jacket. It works so well with the denim shorts! I love your belt and jewellery, you look fantastic!

  3. Hi Nora, I am soooo ready for the beach. We live 4 hours from Charleston, SC and are renting a house and taking the pups. I NEED a vacation. It looks and sounds wonderful where you are. Sounds like a great time. I absoltuely love this jacket ( how do I get one;-)) it looks so good on you, you have a fab figure, and this look shows it off with the denim shorts and those cool gladiator sandals. Have a wonderful day, jess xo

  4. White eyelet is my favorite. What a beautiful jacket. You look lovely for your day in Malibu – one of the best places in the world! Happy Anniversary.

  5. Stop it with your amazing blazers! You always look fabulous – and this time it’s no exception. I really love the lace/eyelet detailing. As always you have the perfect accessories as well. We are so excited to have you join the style linkup again this week. Congrats on being the featured look as well. 🙂


  6. I have never been to CA, but you make it sound so enticing… it was interesting ready about how much it costs to go to the beach there and why it is so costly. I really love this more casual look on you! The layered necklaces are perfect for the white tank top and I would have never guessed you cut the jeans yourself… the shorts look like you bought them from the store! Also, you painted the gladiator sandals black? They look flawless! Such a cute outfit for the beach and you look absolutely adorable for your anniversary! Happy anniversary, btw!

    • Hi Carrie,
      I hope you make it out to CA some day and visit the beaches. There are many public beaches that are free and are just as fabulous so I hope you dont think you dont let the fees stop you from visiting us 🙂 Thanks so much for your lovely comment 🙂

  7. Sounds like a GLORIOUS day – sometimes we need to make the conscious effort to unplug and be present and in the end it’s SO worth it!! I LOVE that you painted the soles of your sandals!!!

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