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Another Look At Our Beautiful Women’s Brocatto Jacket

Another Look At Our Beautiful Women’s Brocatto Jacket

Last week was an emotional week for me filled with joy, pride, sadness and anxiety all at the same time, as my son moved out of our home and in to his dorm at USC (University of Southern California). Even though it is only about 15 miles away, just the thought of him packing everything and moving out was very stressful. It’s a double edged sword for me, on one side I am extremely proud of him and his accomplishments and I want to see him move out and explore the world, and to learn to be independent, but on the other side, he will always be my little boy, who I want to hug and kiss and protect at all times.
A lot of it has to do with the fact that I won’t see him on daily basis any more especially for dinner and that is something I will have to get used to the most. With him being my only child, it does not make things any easier and I am not sure if I am ready to be an empty nester.
Ready or not the time has arrived and at least I am grateful that he is only a 30 minute drive away and will be coming home quite often. (so he keeps promising me)
Speaking of going back to school, I think we all start looking for our fall wardrobes around the same time that our kids start going back to school. It’s psychological and even though it is still summer and quite warm, at least in Los Angeles, we must start planning and purchasing our fall items.
This is something we call a “transitional wardrobe”, transitional deliveries are actually a term used in fashion industry for the months of deliveries to stores that are in between the main seasons deliveries. With this in mind, I have decided to show you a different look wearing one of our Brocatto jackets because I think the Brocatto jacket is a good transitional piece. Even though it was part of our spring/summer women’s jacket collection and i have done another blog story on this jacket before, I think it can easily move into fall. Last time I showed this jacket with ripped jeans because I like the combination of the dressy with the casual. This time I thought I would show it in a more traditional way with grey pants, and adding some fabulous high heel sandals and jewelry.
What about you, are you starting to shop for fall items yet?

Jacket – Jacket Society Brocatto jacket
Pants – JNBY
Camisole – Forever 21
High heeled sandals – BCBG (old)
Bag – Prada
Sunglasses – Ray bans

Another look at our beautiful womens brocatto jacket (1 of 7)


Another look at our beautiful womens brocatto jacket (2 of 7)


Another look at our beautiful womens brocatto jacket (3 of 7)


Another look at our beautiful womens brocatto jacket (4 of 7)


Another look at our beautiful womens brocatto jacket (6 of 7)


Another look at our beautiful womens brocatto jacket (5 of 7)


Another look at our beautiful womens brocatto jacket (7 of 7)

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44 thoughts on “Another Look At Our Beautiful Women’s Brocatto Jacket

  1. I’m sure your son will value your cooking and washing skills very frequently! I hope he’ll have a great time at Uni. Your blazer is stunning and the peachy coral colour works well on a grey background. I like the necklaces you’ve teamed with the outfit and your bag is fab!

  2. I love this jacket, and the way you styled it – so beautiful! I know how you feel with your son heading off to college. Such a bittersweet time. You’re so proud of them, but sad for yourself at the same time. Sending good thoughts your way!

  3. When I was in college (not too far away), I always made sure to come home when I needed to do some laundry! lol! I am sure you will see him every weekend at least! I can’t imagine that… my oldest is 8 and I am already wondering how 8 years flew by… and how 8 will fly by, too! Ugh! 🙁

    I love that jacket and the stacked necklaces… your prada bag is gorgeous, too!

  4. Ok, Nora, where to start! I don’t have kids, but know that it must be tough when you have your child around you, eating dinner and just being there, that it is a hard transition. You will both do well! It is good that he is pretty close by though. :-)) I love this jacket, One of my favorites. I also love that yiou paired the peach color with the gunmetal grey in the pants and sandals. You always look so wonderfully put together, I love this!! I have been doing some fall shopping alreay even though in Charlotte we don’t really have fall until late Oct/Nov.
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess

  5. love how you styled this jacket with those necklaces!

    also, congrats to your son starting at USC — it is definitely a great accomplishment! he’ll be craving to go home, watch — i know i did and i drove nearly once a month to visit home when i was in college (home was norcal, college was socal) so i bet he’ll be visiting home quite often being 15 miles away! 🙂

  6. I am in love with those pants. Beautiful. My son isn’t that old yet, but I can relate to you saying “he will always be my little boy”. There’s such a strange disparity between seeing them growing up and being stuck at perceiving them younger.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

    • Hi Rebecca,
      I know I am not alone and many moms go through the empty nester faze, keeping my fingers crossed for him visiting often 🙂
      Thanks for the compliment on the jacket and if you are ever interested in purchasing it let me know and I will give you a “blogger discount”!

  7. Each and every week, I just adore seeing your new looks! How many jackets/blazers do you own? I swear you have one in every colour, print and style. I can’t get enough. 🙂 I love this entire outfit.

    On another note, it was so great to have you join style confessions link-up last week… I just adored seeing your favorite look of the week.


    • Hi Lindsay,
      Thank you so much and yes I do own a lot of jackets, on top of all the Jacket Society ones that I design and sell, I do buy other jackets whenever I see one that I love. The Brocatto is one of my own designs though.

  8. I have to glance into my closet and look for transitional outfits! You look wonderful wearing that jacket and the pants add something very contemporary …. a personal style which is perfect on you!

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