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Boucle Jackets A Timeless Classic

Boucle Jackets A Timeless Classic “Boucle Jackets” – a classic womens jacket fabric.

It all started in 1954 when Coco Chanel created the first boucle, tweed jacket destined to become an iconic piece for the brand leading up to today. It is still reinvented and redesigned every season by Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel and many other designers who are inspired by this look. And it is still worn all over the world by different women on daily basis without it looking out dated. I think most women who are lucky enough to own an original Chanel boucle jacket know better than to get rid of it. It is a classic and iconic piece that will never go out of style and women can wear it in many different ways to reinvent the look every season.

Unfortunately I don’t own an original Chanel boucle jacket but that does not stop me from looking for other alternatives that mimic this great look. As we were getting ready to go to a casual “holiday party” this weekend I decided to wear one of my favorite boucle jackets, but dress it down a little by wearing it with my distressed jeans. I have always loved the idea of combining the dressy with the casual. This jacket can easily be much more dressy and serious if you wear it with a black skirt/pants or a black dress for example. And there is nothing wrong with that look, but I kind of like mixing it with a casual piece like the distressed jeans to give it a funkier vibe. Adding on the killer pointy pumps, a great clutch bag and some fabulous jewelry makes the outfit dressy enough for a party with a cool causal vibe.

Below I have put together an inspirational board of some boucle jackets. I think they are a pieces that you can buy and wear at any time, they don’t really need to be trending, they are classics . What do you think, are they a real classic?? Would love to hear from opinions…..

jacket society womens classic boucle jacket


Womens Boucle jackets are a timeless classic

Classic womens boucle jackets look board

Jacket – Season.JS

Distressed jeans – Zara

T shirt – Massimo for Target

Shoes – D&G

Bag – Hermes

Belt – Chanel

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18 thoughts on “Boucle Jackets A Timeless Classic

  1. I have always loved Boucle – you just gave me inspiration to get it out of my closet again for the holidays – thank you for that

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    • Hi Katia,
      No unfortunately that is not one of our jackets and its quite old, form when I first started my blog. We do have a boucle jacket on our web site if you want to check it out but it is not the same one. Thank you for stopping by.

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  4. Very beautiful. And by wearing it with jeans and nice jewelry you achieved a balance that is sometimes missed. Classic pieces need to be mixed with more modern ones so not to look too old. A perfect classic twisted with modern elements. Timeless. Congrats.

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