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History Of The Leather Jacket

By nora minassian / January 22, 2015 / 44 Comments

History Of The Leather Jacket Earlier this week I showed you a look wearing my favorite leather jacket.  I wanted to continue writing a bit more about leather jackets and a brief history on them.  Also I wanted to share with you some of my favorite leather jacket street style looks and some great leather

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Leather Jackets Are A Timeless Trend

By nora minassian / January 19, 2015 / 57 Comments

Leather Jackets Are A Timeless Trend I have had this BCBG leather jacket for over five years which was a Christmas gift from my husband that I chose myself.  I can’t tell you how many times I have worn it and I still love it.  Even though it is not a traditional style for a

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Mixing My Vintage Jacket With Something Modern

By nora minassian / July 15, 2014 / 32 Comments

Mixing My Vintage Jacket With Something Modern As a fashion designer, I am always looking at different sources for inspiration to come up with new jacket silhouettes for the next season. This process is part of my daily lifestyle. Inspiration can come from anything around me, from shopping stores or watching how other fabulous women

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Make Your Favorite Women’s Classic Blazer Fun And Sexy

By nora minassian / July 1, 2014 / 34 Comments
New Blog Story From www.Jacketsociety.com - Classic Women's Jackets & Blazers

Make Your Favorite Women’s Classic Blazer Fun And Sexy I have been looking for the opportunity to do a blog story about wearing a blazer over a dress and the opportunity finally presented itself last weekend when we were invited to a cocktail party.  Most of us wear cocktail dresses to cocktail parties and we

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Fur Sure Womens Fall And Winter Jacket Looks

By Alex Vasquez / December 19, 2013 / 0 Comments

In recent years it seems every fall/winter season feels colder than the last one.  I think somehow fashion designers are well aware of this fact months in advance, because every fall season we see a bunch of new variations of fur jackets, coats or vests. This fall fashion season is no different and as you

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Boucle Jackets A Timeless Classic

By nora minassian / December 10, 2013 / 20 Comments

Boucle Jackets A Timeless Classic “Boucle Jackets” – a classic womens jacket fabric. It all started in 1954 when Coco Chanel created the first boucle, tweed jacket destined to become an iconic piece for the brand leading up to today. It is still reinvented and redesigned every season by Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel and many other

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