Our Cosmo Jacket Perfect for Easter

Our Cosmo Jacket Perfect for Easter

How time flies, this coming Sunday is the first day of Spring, and the following Sunday it is Easter!  This year Easter is kind of early as it usually falls in April, but I am actually excited because Spring and Easter usually go hand in hand and I love this time of the year.

Spring represents new life with the trees starting to leaf and turn green again and the beautiful blossom trees and flowers blooming everywhere – Yes it’s almost Easter again; one of my favorite holidays to spend with the family.  There is something so happy and fresh about decorating the house for Easter with beautiful flowers, colored eggs and various candies and chocolates.  It is even more fun when you have young children around who you can dress up in Easter outfits and take them out for egg hunts and fun outside activities.  I used to do all of those things when my son was a little boy, but now that he is older I mainly decorate the house with pretty flowers, tulips to be exact which are my favorite flowers, and I buy my favorite Easter chocolate, Cadbury’s mini eggs, which I am addicted to and can’t stop eating.

This weekend in anticipation of Spring and Easter around the corner, I wanted to style our Cosmo jacket again because I think the color is so pretty for Spring and Easter. The same applies to our Lemon Drop jacket which I styled for you two weeks ago, you can see that post here.  I have styled this Cosmo jacket two other times on the blog which you can see here and here.

This time around I wanted to show a more feminine look with a skirt, so I styled it with my navy pencil skirt, an ivory top, snakeskin lace up heels and my Hermes vintage bag.  I love the color combo coral with navy and ivory, I think it’s a perfect color story for spring.  I know my skirt almost looks black in these pictures but it is actually a dark navy and so is my bag.  Of course the same look will work with black as well, I just thought navy is a little more refreshing for spring.  I also added our gold chain knot necklace with pearl fringe that has matching earrings and works perfectly with this outfit.

The Cosmo jacket and our gold chain knot necklace and earring set are part of our 24 hour Flash Sale where you can get 15% off both items with code FS315 plus free shipping.   

You can purchase the Cosmo jacket here and the necklace and earring set here.

What are you all doing for Easter, and what do you think about my look ?

Jacket-Society-Our Cosmo Jacket Perfect for Easter -3369

Jacket-Society-Our Cosmo Jacket Perfect for Easter -3334

Jacket-Society-Our Cosmo Jacket Perfect for Easter -3363

Jacket-Society-Our Cosmo Jacket Perfect for Easter -3371

Jacket-Society-Our Cosmo Jacket Perfect for Easter -3343

Jacket-Society-Our Cosmo Jacket Perfect for Easter -3357

Jacket-Society-Our Cosmo Jacket Perfect for Easter -3361

Jacket-Society-Our Cosmo Jacket Perfect for Easter -3365

Jacket-Society-Our Cosmo Jacket Perfect for Easter -3378

Jacket-Society-Our Cosmo Jacket Perfect for Easter -3380

Cosmo Jacket – Jacket Society

Pencil skirt – Zara

Top – H&M

Lace up heels – Zara

Bag – Vintage Hermes

Necklace and Earring set – Jacket Society

Sunglasses – Ann Taylor

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  1. That jacket is such a beautiful color and is definitely perfect for Easter! It looks fabulous styled with the navy pencil skirt!



      1. I enjoy looking at all of the beautiful jackets you showcase. You have great style!


        1. Hi Ann,
          Thank you so much for stopping by and your lovely comment 🙂


  2. What great jacket, the colour & fabric are perfect for spring!! Such a chic outfit on you as usual! I love Easter too, it’s definitely fun having my girls to do all those things with. I’m also with you on being addicted to Mini Eggs, they are the best! Have a great evening Nora:)


    1. Hi Marta,
      Thank you so much! Enjoy your time for Easter with the girls, they grow so quickly and also enjoy those mini eggs 🙂


  3. I cannot believe it is almost Easter! This drapey jacket in the pretty coral is perfect for spring. I love it with your navy and those great shoes!

    Amy Ann


    1. Hi Amy,
      I know what you mean, time flies…thank you for stopping by 🙂


  4. WOW what a beautiful colour the jacket is and you styled it to perfection! You are right it would make a great outfit for easter. Gemma x


    1. Hi Gemma,
      Thank you so much for stopping by.


  5. The bright pink colour of this blazer is just lovely! Especially paired with the navy skirt


    1. Hi Alecz
      I love this color too especially with navy. Thank you for stopping by 🙂


  6. Great jacket for Easter! I love how you styled it!

    I’m excited for spring, too! 🙂


    1. Hi Andrea,
      Thank you so much!


  7. Cadbury eggs are my favorite Easter candy, too… except I like the regular sized ones, the mini ones don’t have enough creme filling! lol! This is such a beautiful color for a jacket and I love the simple lapel design of it.



    1. Hi Carrie,
      Aren’t they the best? Thank you so much for stopping by.


  8. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. I love this outfit. It sceams spring


    1. Hi Nicole,
      Thank you so much!


  9. I would agree – that shade is brilliant for easter and for spring! I love the drape of the jacket as well. Beautiful on you.


    1. Hi Lyddiegal,
      Thank you so much 🙂


  10. The cosmo coral jacket certainly is very pretty. I happen to love coral with navy especially. What a pretty set of tassel jewelry, too. And it seems like that is a nice classic chic blouse underneath. I agree about decorating the house in pretty Spring colors and flowers, especially tulips. To me tulips symbolize Spring and today I did just that: spruced up the house a little bit for Spring and added some tulips.

    Happy first day of Spring Ms. Nora!


    1. Hi Ada,
      Happy first day of spring to you too! I am glad you are getting your house ready with some tulips 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.


  11. Yeah it’s really early. My son asked me how do they decide when it’s Easter mom, I said it depends on the moon…but how…I said I may have to google that one…lol..I love the jacket and it’s a perfect pairing for Easter, especially because of the colour. The shoes are extraordinary too!


    1. Hi Rania,
      Thank God for google right? Lol….thank you so much for stopping by.


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