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Crazy For Capes And Cape Jackets For Fall

Crazy For Capes And Cape Jackets For Fall

Last week I wrote about women’s Capes and Cape jackets being a big trend for fall and showed you some of my favorites from the fall 2014 designer runway shows. I also included a few light jackets for women that I am eyeing for myself that are currently available in stores. I have to say that capes are one of my favorite trends for this fall and even though they were starting to trend last fall, I feel like they are finally becoming more main stream and many more women are actually opening up to wearing them now. I actually bought a cape jacket last year from Vertigo and I showed it in one of my first blog stories. Back then I chose to wear it for a date night and wanted to give it a sexier look with jeans, a tank top and heels. See link here.

I wanted to show you another look with this cape jacket, since they are such a hot item right now among womens jackets and blazers. I got the opportunity last week when we finally had a few cooler days in Los Angeles, that’s if you can call 70’s cooler but hey it’s better than 80’s and 90’s right? I was meeting a client for a business lunch and I thought I would wear my cape jacket again and style it for a fall daytime look. One of my main go to color combos for fall is black with tan. It’s a great neutral color combo and you can easily add a pop color to it in your accessories. It also looks great with gold jewelry and I tend to wear more gold, it just looks better on my skin and with my complexion. I decided to wear the cape jacket with my goldish tan sweater top, faux leather leggings and one of my favorite scarves that I have had for years. Normally scarves are tricky to pair with capes but my cape jacket is really like a blazer with a caplet instead of sleeves so that made it easier to add the scarf.

Here are some tips on how to wear scarves with capes or cape jackets:

  1. Wear smaller scarves mainly around your neck.
  2. Choose a scarf that is made of a soft and fluid fabric to contrast your heavier cape fabric.
  3. Let the scarf fall and blend in with the cape and not over take it.

I hope you find these tips helpful, will you be wearing some capes or cape jackets this fall. Don’t forget to check out my recent line of blazers for women on sale.

Crazy For Capes And Cape Jackets For Fall


Crazy For Capes And Cape Jackets For Fall


Crazy For Capes And Cape Jackets For Fall


Crazy For Capes And Cape Jackets For Fall


Crazy For Capes And Cape Jackets For Fall


Crazy For Capes And Cape Jackets For Fall


Crazy For Capes And Cape Jackets For Fall


Crazy For Capes And Cape Jackets For Fall


Linking Up With …….

Cape jacket – Vertigo
Faux leather leggings- Kenneth Cole
Sweater top – Massimo for Target
Shoes – I.N.C.
Bag – Prada
Scarf – Moschino
Sunglasses – Raybans

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52 thoughts on “Crazy For Capes And Cape Jackets For Fall

  1. Nora, you seriously have the best jackets. This one is gorgeous and unique. I also love the pants and shoes. Edgy, sexy, fun, fabulous, modern, feminine all at once!

    Happy November Dear!

  2. Hi Nora, I am in Asheville at a film festival, but have a little to do, so I thought I would visit your site. I am a real fan of your style. I love those leather leggings on you, looks so great with your lean legs, I really like this black cape on you, looks so classic and so stylish! One of my favorite fall colors with black is camel. It looks great with the black and the scarf is just the right amount of additional fall colors to add. And of course I love your Prada bag.
    Love it, enjoy your weekend!!
    jess xo

  3. Great look Nora, and I appreciate your tip about the scarf with this outfit, thank you. I wanted to invite you to link up to my link up tomorrow called “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me” as each week I choose 5 of my favorite links and feature them the following Tuesday. Hope you can drop by soon. Rachel xo

  4. Camel and black has to be one of my favorite combinations ever… and leather also, so I’m totally coveting this look!

    I have a very lovely blue cape, but I really think I’m missing a black one to make these types of looks, very inspiring!

    The #reasonstodress real mom street style linkup is now live here and as usual I would be honored to have you join!

    Angie from reasons to dress

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