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Thank You For Your Support - Nora xx

Love my new jacket

LOVE my new jacket, the Palma Boucle jacket I received from you.


Satisfied with all my orders

Nora,  I have been ordering from your site for over 3 years and have been very satisfied with all of my orders.  I have ordered Jackets, blouse, scarfs and even some jewelry.
Thank you for your service.  I also enjoy reading your blogs and also viewing your fashionable tips.

Impressed with quality and customer service

Good morning!
  Thank you for reaching out about my first purchase with you. I was very pleased with the items I received and was eager to review them before I ordered more with you.
  My last position before I moved back to the Pacific Northwest, was a boutique in Naples , FL with a designer out of Boston, Sara Campbell. Sara only sells wonderful fabrics , with limited quantities, and she taught me to appreciate quality and outstanding customer service.
  I was so impressed with both the quality and customer service from Jacket Society. You seem to carry quality items and truly care if we , the customer, are pleased with what we have purchased from you.
I have passed your company along to several friends who I hope will follow thru and place orders, but rest assured , I will soon!
Thanks for the personal touch!

From a happy customer

From a happy customer,

I have admired the photos of you for a long time now, not realizing that you were the brains and beauty behind the line of clothes! I didn’t even realize the outfits you were wearing were for sale! I just knew that what you were putting together is what I would love to be wearing and that I would feel beautiful and confident in wearing them at my age of 50. I stumbled upon you site and realized I could purchase some of these items. I am thrilled!! What you are doing is perfect and your business will grow. You are definitely talented, I can’t put looks together like that and most other women can’t either. Most of us know what we want to look like but you know how to bring it all together and letting us know where you found other items in your outfit makes it that much better. I placed an order yesterday and will be placing another one today and I will be telling my 2 sisters as well!


Love my items

Thank you so much! I purchased 3 items and just received them today! Love them!!! Please inform me if you get the putty vest for fall!!!


So impressed with the personal touches

Nora, I got the dress and I was so impressed with the presentation and personal touches (hand written note! extra note on hang tag! pretty tissue!) that came with my order. Great job, fellow Otis Fashion alum!
I was too excited to do a slow “unboxing” for a blog post. Next time!


Will definitely shop here again

I ordered a jacket & 3 scarfs. They are all beautiful quality and I love them! The package came promptly and was packaged with care.
Will definitely shop here again!

Customer service as good as Nordstrom

A week ago ,I ordered two blouses (which were beautiful) and was impressed with the attention to service. As an older women (63) this reminds me of the customer service experience of Nordstrom’s. I appreciate and admire women owned business’s and support them 100%. Love the personal “thank you note” it’s all about the details and minimal packaging. Well done, Jacket Society. I’ll be back.


Pleased with my jacket

Dear Nora

Thank you, I received the jacket for which I’m very pleased. Love all of the blue hues. I also want to thank you for your gift, very thoughtful of you! I shall enjoy both very much!

Wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and the very best for the New Year!



Everything looks beautiful and fits

Hello Nora,

I hope all is well with you & the family. Last night I received my order.

Everything looks beautiful & they just fit right, just ❤ ❤ them 

Much love,


Love my vest

My Rosemary Lace Vest arrived this morning – it is fantastic!   Just wanted to say thank you.
Regards Liz

Love your genuine appreciation for each customer

Thank you so much for taking the time to email about the order and for responding about the idea of rolling up the sleeves. Your very personal touch and genuine appreciation for each customer makes shopping with Jacket Society a wonderful experience.
I received my wrap today – that was surprisingly fast! I’m so pleased with it; thanks so much.


I love your blog

I love your blog  Yours andFifty Not Frumpy” are my favorite blogs. I also love so many of your jackets and the way you display them makes me want each and every one (not do-able, of course).
Keep up the great work; it is appreciated.


You have wonderful customer service

You have wonderful customer service. Seems like a small town boutique where the owner knows and truly cares about her customers.
My new Jacket Society merlot poncho is fabulous! So soft, cozy, well made, and chic! I’ll definitely be sure to put in a link to your site when I wear it on my blog, Nora. And of course if you like the photos you can use them too.

Beth S

My jacket is amazing

Just wanted to let you know that I received the Avery jacket and the print scarf today. The jacket is amazing. It is the perfect fit for my body. I love the texture of the material which I had not noticed in the pictures. I was at first apprehensive about the color but it is beautiful. And, as all of your jackets have been, so well made. And I love the scarf!


I have a place to go for well made quality jackets

I just received a jacket and I am so happy because it FIT! Now I have a place to go for well made, quality jackets (and at a reasonable price point!). Thank goodness, finally a place I can get jackets that fit my frame. Thanks Nora. I’ll be back!!


Me and my sister love our jackets

Received my Brooklyn jacket two days ago, love it, as does my sister who is visiting from interstate! Whilst she lives 1000 miles from me we did not want to risk meeting up wearing the same jacket, so decided on the Beverly!


I will shop with you again

I ordered both plaid shawls as gifts and will keep one for me! Love the fabric feel and colors. Most of all, I appreciate your handwritten note – I will shop with you again!


Can’t wait to wear my jacket

Wow! Just received this jacket today and it is gorgeous. The fabric is soft and the fit is perfect.
Can’t wait to wear this….I have black jeans and a cream cami. Will send a pic. Looks great buttoned or unbuttoned. Thank-you!


Love my wrap

Hello Nora,
I received my wrap (reversible plaid and hounds tooth in red/green combo) and just love it! I wore it to church Sunday with a red dress and it looked so nice. This is the first wrap I’ve worn and I know I will be wearing it often. It just seems so versatile. I was a little nervous about getting it. It looks so nice on you but you seem tall and have those wonderful long legs. I am happy to say the wrap seems fine to me, even though I am 5’3″.


Thank you for the incredible personalized customer service

Thank you for the incredible personalized customer service and the sweet handwritten note. I so wish I was closer and could meet you in person. I follow your blog and am always loving your outfits. I will be purchasing more items (jackets, scarves and jewelry) in the future!


I love the items I ordered

Thank you so much! I love the items I ordered! I received them today and wore the sweater for a dinner party we had at our home this evening. Got lots of compliments! I will definitely by shopping with you more! So glad I found you!

Dawn C

Great customer service and styles

I just received my charcoal hounds tooth wrap yesterday and it’s really beautiful, I can’t wait to wear it. I also appreciate your great customer service. The shipping was very fast and I love the attention to detail, the pretty paper it was wrapped in and the thank you note were very nice. I love your style and will be ordering again soon! Thank you!


Thanks for doing beautiful yet affordable pieces

Hello, Nora! Thank you for such a speedy turn around. It is absolutely unmatched.

• The new moto jacket….It is really hot. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was a must-have. It is the perfect blend of classic and edgy. I love the textured material. Can’t wait to try it on.

•Thanks for putting beautiful, style and affordable pieces out there for us.

• Wearing the jacket today! It’s fantastic. Fits like a glove.

Tracey B

Love both my items

Thanks, Nora! I received the package today and absolutely love both items. The fabric of the blouse is wonderful! So soft and light. I know I will get a lot of wear from it, especially this summer. And the necklace is stunning! I love the fringe look and the fact that it incorporates both gold and silver tones.


Thank you

Thank you so much for the thoughtful discount card. I can’t wait to see what you do next! I hope you and your family are well and ready for a great summer.


Thrilled with all my items

Hi Nora, I just had to let you know that I received my order and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the three items I ordered!! Both the Parker Moto jacket and the white peasant blouse are gorgeous and the Grifflin graphic tee is super cute!! I also wanted to mention how you took such special care in packaging my items and loved seeing your hand writing on each of the tags!! Many thanks for the wonderful thank you note and the 10% discount card, that was so generous of you!!
Shopping from your website has been such a wonderful experience and I love following your blog!! You can definitely see how much you love what you do!!
All the very best,
Cindy M

I love my jacket, top and necklace

I just got my package and I love the jacket, top and necklace. They fit perfectly and are made beautifully! I appreciate your designs and I will definitely be coming back to purchase again. Thank you so much! I also adore your special touch in wrapping the out fit and thank you card.


Such a quick shipping and delivery service

I just received my shawl. I was surprised when it was shipped on the very day I ordered it and here it is 2 days later. ( I know our proximity has something to do with that.)
I ordered the shawl for a theater week in July in Logan, Utah. but now I can also take it on a trip this weekend.
I was inspired by your white outfit with the shawl as a vest. I am also going to wear it with my sleeveless black tank dress. Logan is hot in the summer, but the theaters are cold. When I am in a Mormon community I try to follow their standards of modesty and your shawl allows me to wear it with my dress in a way that my shoulders can be covered.

Cynthia T

A win win purchase for me

What a win-win purchase this has been for me! I know many of my women friends will ask where I got it and I will be so happy to tell them about you.