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Debuting My Scarves And Wraps With A Special Guest

Debuting My Scarves And Wraps With A Special Guest

We just spent our last weekend at home with my son before he resumed his classes again at USC on Monday. He had been at home since early December to study for his finals and then had three weeks off for the holidays. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of having him home, but he is now back in his dorm ready to start a new semester while I am here looking forward to the weekends when he will come home again.

During the holidays I talked to him about doing a blog shoot together, and I was pleasantly surprised when he sounded open to it. With all of our schedules being so busy during the holidays, we only managed to make this shoot happen last weekend right before he headed back to school.

My son Stefen likes fashion almost as much as I do and he has a pretty good taste when it comes to menswear. When he was younger, I would buy everything for him and tell him what to wear and how to style it, but nowadays he has his own opinions and luckily our fashion tastes are pretty close for the most part so we don’t run into a lot of disagreements.

For this shoot, he chose his own outfit with a little bit of input from me, of course. I love the AllSaints jacket he is wearing which was one of the gifts from Santa.

As for what I am wearing, I wanted to debut one of my brand new scarves that I am now selling on our website along with our women jackets. This scarf is made out of beautiful tie dye silk fabric with a lace overlay in peach and turquoise tones. I am wearing it with our Haley jacket which is one of our best selling womens blazer jackets. They work perfectly together as the tie dye scarf is picking up some of the copper and silver metallic stripes in the Haley jacket. I paired it with my G Star waxed jeans and my favorite gladiator sandals.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I would be adding more items like scarves and jewelry to my website in the coming months. Well, I have just added a few very special and unique ladies scarves and shawls that are all custom hand made by me here in Los Angeles with beautiful Italian fabrics that I love. Click Here To See Scarves & Shawls

The Scarves and shawls available in very limited quantities and ship for free, so I hope you will take a look and see if you like anything. Like my Jackets and womens vests, you are getting a one of a kind, they are unique and special as there are only a few made and only sold on my Jacket Society website.

My next project for the store is to find unique, one of a kind handmade jewelry, I have some ideas and will post my ideas soon.

I would love to hear your thoughts about my special guest blog model and of course what we are both wearing.


Debuting My New Scarves And Wraps With A Special Guest-0784

Debuting My New Scarves And Wraps With A Special Guest-0950


Debuting My New Scarves And Wraps With A Special Guest-0781

Debuting My New Scarves And Wraps With A Special Guest-0933

Debuting My New Scarves And Wraps With A Special Guest-0779

Debuting My New Scarves And Wraps With A Special Guest-0829

Debuting My New Scarves And Wraps With A Special Guest-0792

Debuting My New Scarves And Wraps With A Special Guest-0788

Debuting My New Scarves And Wraps With A Special Guest-0797


Jacket – Jacket Society Haley Jacket Click Here To Buy The Haley Jacket

Jeans – G Star Raw

T shirt – Mossimo for Target

Scarf – Jacket Society Click Here To See Scarves & Shawls

Gladiator sandals – Kenneth Cole

Bag – Gucci




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36 thoughts on “Debuting My Scarves And Wraps With A Special Guest

  1. I love that he modeled for you! What a handsome – and sweet – young man. Congratulations on your new line of scarves. They are lovely and are the perfect accessory to pair with your jackets! Susan

  2. You both look fantastic. Great that your son was willing to show off his style as well. I love this jacket on you as well, and that scarf has such lovely colors, I am a fan of peaches and blue tones, it looks great with your outfit Nora, I will have to look at your jewelry too when it is on your site. Best wishes.
    from the link up,
    please stop by,jess xx

  3. Great post – the photos of you together remind me of one of my favorite photos, of me and our son Josh in Paris a decade ago. He towers over me, as Stefan does over you, only I’m 6 ft!
    Happy New Year-

  4. What a fabulous post, Nora, I love to see you both together! Such a handsome young man and I definitely love his style! I think he is the same age as my son (22) and we did a fitness post together 1,5 years ago and I hope I can convince him to do another one this spring. Always good to have our children back home…
    I was distracted and almost forgot to comment on your great look but you look amazing as always!

    Annette | Lady of Style

    • Hi Annette,
      Thank you so much for stopping by! My son is actually 18, but I know what you mean it is great when our kids join us for a shoot. I have seen you and your daughter a few times together and have loved the idea. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  5. How fun to do a shoot with your very handsome son! It’s obvious that you two have a wonderful relationship. My 17 year old is also very interested in fashion, and is very particular about what he wears. You both look great, and I love the new scarves!

  6. This is such a great post, oh do I just love it! Your son DOES have great style and I love his jacket… you also have a very handsome young man for a son and I am sure you are really proud! Those colors in your scarf are so pretty, they would work for the spring, too! And, I think I’ve seen you wear those gladiator sandals before and I want them!!

  7. Your son is just as cool, hip, modern, edgy and good-looking as his mom. I of course love your blazer and jeans. I also love his jeans and jacket. Great look for a hip, young man. =) Such a great guest and thanks for sharing with my link-up, Nora.

    Enjoy the weekend! Ada. =)

  8. Nora what a great idea to do a post with your handsome son! I love his taste in jackets, love All Saints and I like that his look is understated, but yet very sophisticated and stylish. Nothing more stylish than a grey tshirt with black jeans and jacket. As for your look that jacket is incredible with the leopard lining – so cool! You both look fabulous!!


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