My Exercise Routine Plus A Navy And Coral Transitional Look

My Exercise Routine Plus A Navy And Coral Transitional Look

A few weeks ago I shared with you some tips about my diet routine and how I try to eat healthy not only to stay thin but to feel good.  Today I want to share with you my struggles in keeping up with an exercise routine which has not been as easy as my diet routine.  Throughout my life, I have done different exercise regiments mainly by stopping off at the gym after work before coming home a couple of days a week.  I would either do an aerobics class, yoga or Pilates. Then a couple of years ago when I started working from home, I decided to work out at home with videos etc. as I was having a hard time leaving home to go to the gym.

The workout at home plan has its pluses and minuses for me. The plus side is that I can work out anytime and I do not have to worry about a scheduled class. The negative part is disciplining myself to have a routine schedule and stick to it. One thing I have been successful in doing most of the time, is going out for a walk which I love. Living in Los Angeles makes this easy as the weather cooperates most of the time. A few months ago I purchased a machine called the “Maxi Climber” to try to have an alternative to walking for my cardio workouts.  So far I like the machine alot and I have been using it along with my Ab Roller, free weights and some floor exercises.

The good thing is that I am not the type of person that can sit in front of the computer for long periods of time. My studio work requires me to stand a lot and walk around so I try to be active and not just sit behind a desk, which I hate.  I do try my best to stay active and at least walk for 30 minutes daily or do a work out on my machine 3 days a week plus some weights or floor exercises.. The struggle is keeping it consistent and sticking to a routine, but at least I am working on it.

As for my look today, I am showing you a color combo that I love, navy and coral especially as a transitional color from winter into spring. I am wearing our bestselling Cosmo jacket with my dark navy bootleg jeans, and our fun Grifflin Blue Graphic Tee. I have shown you both the Cosmo jacket and the Grifflin Blue Graphic Tee a few times before and we only have a few of each item left in our online store, so if you like either piece now would be the time to get them.

To finish off the look I added one of our brand new fun scarves.  This Navy scarf has a beautiful Paisley and floral embroidery in beautiful colors with coral being one of those colors. This is why it works really nicely with the Cosmo jacket.  The scarf also comes in a really pretty Coral color way which you can see Here.

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Navy Scarf Shawl with Paisley and Floral Embroidery Border – Click Here

How do you keep diciplined with your exercise routine and what do you think of my look?

Cosmo Jacket – Jacket Society

Grifflin Paris Blue Graphic T Shirt – Jacket Society

Navy Scarf Shawl with Paisley and Floral Embroidery Border – Jacket Society

Navy bootleg jeans – Rag & Bone

Belt – Salvatore Ferragamo

Boots – Gucci

Bag – Gucci




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  1. Nora this is a lovely combination. Navy looks so pretty with bright colors that pop and your coral jacket proves my point. This looks great with the scarf and without and that tee is perfect graphic for that beautiful jacket. Thanks for sharing. – Amy


    1. Hi Amy,
      Thank you, I love navy and coral mixed together 🙂


  2. Hi Nora, we all know only too well a how the weight starts creeping in, especially after yo hit a certain age mark. Funny enough that a while ago I also wrote a post about the importance of healthy diet and regular physical exercises. I love the colour of the jacket and a tee is super cool


    1. Hi Anna,
      I think its great that we as women of certain age share our stories and struggles about these subjects with our readers. Thank you so much for stopping by!


  3. It’s hard to stick to a routine when you are so busy! It sounds like you stay active all day long so that’s great! This is such a pretty color combo! That graphic tee is such a fun piece and your scarf is gorgeous!



    1. Hi Jill,
      Yes it is hard to be consistent with a work out schedule and you are right I am lucky that I stay pretty active. Thank you so much for stopping by.


  4. So classy and fun looking!


  5. You always look thin and fit, Dear! I work out at home too. I find it so much more convenient and I force myself to do it every day or I’ll make myself join the gym again! ;P

    Thanks so much for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday. It feels good to catch up with everyone!

    Dawn Lucy


    1. Thank you Dawn, you are too sweet. Working out at home is the most convenient, I just have to dicipline myself better.


  6. Nora, good for you for being able to stick some sort of routine. I am the worst and I need to get better…at least add some walking. If the weather would ever get warm enough! I love this coral and navy combination. It so rich and beautiful! That scarf is magnificent and I adore the contrast of the feminine floral with the graphic tee. Thanks for linking up with me On the Edge!



    1. Hi Shelbee,
      Yes it is a work in progress…keeping to a routine is always a challenge. Thank you so much for stopping by.


  7. Navy and coral look SO good together!!! You are always so stylish and I love checking out your posts 🙂



    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thank you so much!


  8. I enjoyed reading how you try to stay active. I have considered getting some home videos for when I don’t have time to leave, but I honestly push myself more when I go to the gym.

    This a gorgeous color combination for spring. I particularly enjoy your casual look. Thanks so much for linking up with Fabulous Friday!


    1. Hi Jennie,
      I know its great if you can get yourself to go to the gym, once you are there it is the best workout. Thank you so much for stopping by.


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