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How The Colors Of Thanksgiving Inspired My Outfit

How The Colors Of Thanksgiving Inspired My Outfit

I am lucky that my immediate family all live in the same city as us.  This makes everything a lot easier for get togethers this time of year as we don’t have to travel very far to enjoy the holiday celebrations. Having said that, unfortunately my husband’s family all live in England and we hardly get to spend any of the holidays with them.  What can you do…I guess it’s better to at least have one side of the family nearby and we can Skype the rest.

Every year me and my siblings divide the holidays among ourselves, so each holiday is celebrated at a different house.  Somehow we always get Thanksgiving, which I think has a lot to do with the delicious roast turkey and traditional dishes that my husband makes. It is one of his specialties that I thankfully leave to him as I have never attempted nor do I wish to roast a turkey.  Instead I make a roast tri-tip and the other tasty side dishes, so don’t worry there is plenty of work for me to do as well.  We both enjoy doing the Thanksgiving cooking and entertaining as it is one of our favorite holidays besides Christmas to all get together.  We love the meaning behind this holiday and enjoy the celebration of being thankful for everything we have in our lives with family, friends and loved ones.

I love the earthy and warm colors of fall and the Thanksgiving season.  Rusts, oranges, yellows, greens and browns are some of my favorite colors.  As I start decorating the house more in these colors and preparing for the holiday, I also start wearing these colors more.  They are after all true fall colors.  Last weekend when we were invited to a holiday dinner at a friend’s house, so I decided to wear my favorite Vivian Tam fall sweater jacket that I bought couple of years ago.  At first when you look at it, you might think it is a faux fur jacket but it is really a shaggy knitted sweater jacket where the yarns are hanging out to create a shaggy look.  I paired it here with my Uniqlo ripped denim skirt which I bought last week.  I was pleasantly surprised with this find, since I only buy basics from Uniqlo.  Add on some fall colored jewelry and my brown gladiator sandals, which can pass as boots in Los Angeles since its still in the 70’s, and I was good to go.

I think of you all as my friends and want to wish you all a very Happy & safe Thanksgiving holiday this week with all of your family, friends and loved ones and thank you for supporting me through my Jacket Society Blog, It means so much to me to share my love of women’s fashion and style with you and your comments and support mean so much.  As a small thank you, I am offering a 25% discount off any women’s jacket or blazer available in our store now through Monday Dec 1st @ Midnight PST – Please use code TGJS14 at checkout.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and get a good start on your holiday shopping this weekend!  Oh and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on my outfit.

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How The Colors Of Thanksgiving Inspired My Outfit-1162


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How The Colors Of Thanksgiving Inspired My Outfit-0974


How The Colors Of Thanksgiving Inspired My Outfit-1141


How The Colors Of Thanksgiving Inspired My Outfit-1040


How The Colors Of Thanksgiving Inspired My Outfit-1073


How The Colors Of Thanksgiving Inspired My Outfit-1068

Sweater jacket – Vivian Tam

Denim skirt – Uniqlo

Top – J Crew

Gladiator sandals – Kenneth Cole

Bag – The Limited

Belt – Gucci

Sunglasses – Prada

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32 thoughts on “How The Colors Of Thanksgiving Inspired My Outfit

  1. What a great outfit! I love the shaggy little jacket – very cool and unexpected. I can never make up my mind about denim skirts, but this one I would wear! And- your accessories here are a fantastic mix of high and low. I’m pinning this one as well …:)

  2. I love the colours of autumn – I had my colours done a few months back and the browns, olives and rusts of this season definitely compliment my skin tone the best. That said, I’m still a big navy fan! Love this outfit, very jealous that it’s still in the 70s where you are as I sit here wrapped up in a scarf in chilly England! Thanks for linking up with #AllAboutYou

  3. Love how you were inspired by Thanksgiving, Nora. The light wash, distressed denim skirt is fabulous and I love the necklaces. While the fur coat is fun and hot. You are giving me ideas how to wear my own denim pencil, similarly.

    Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving, hun!

    <3 Ada.

  4. Wow that jacket! I agree with some of the other comments, in and of itself it is a great statement but with those shoes and clutch this is just so killer!!

    Good for you for letting your husband shine on Thanksgiving. And I agree, there are SO MANY dishes and desserts to make that it is only fair to divide and conquer , especially if the Turkey is his strong suit.

    Don’t worry too much about not seeing your husband’s family. I know personally from spending every holiday with my husband’s family that it is just not practical to go across the ocean for every event!

    The important thing is to think of family and be thankful for what you have. Thank you so much for linking up with the #reasonstodress real mom street style linky, I love having you!

    Angie from reasons to dress

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