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Madison Jacket In Grey Tweed To Start 2014

Over the last few months I have been designing and developing some women’s designer jackets under the “Jacket Society” label. It is a line of item jackets for women to be able to throw on with jeans or black pants or skirts and look fabulous instantly. I am extremely excited that my jackets are now out of production and in stock; I will be launching them on my web site in the next week or two. Meanwhile here is a preview of one the jackets that is available in today’s blog story.

The jacket I am featuring today is my Madison Jacket in grey tweed to start 2014. I have always loved menswear for women and so I always gravitate towards menswear looking fabrics for jackets, this grey tweed being one of them. I have tried feminizing it a little by mixing some rich black velvet in there and throwing in a twist with the elbow patches. So I am calling it a “classic with a twist”.

There are many ways you can wear this blazer, but today I decided to mix it up a bit with a floral pattern blouse and my faux leather leggings. I love mixing the more masculine menswear tweed jacket with a soft feminine blouse, yet the faux leather leggings give the outfit an edge and keep it trendy and young. It will also look great with jeans or a black skirt or dress or even with white jeans. I love wearing white jeans in the fall and winter especially with grey.

As I mentioned before my web site will be ready in the very near future where you can purchase this jacket. Meanwhile if you are interested to find out more info on this piece or would like to purchase one you can email me directly [email protected] I will be happy to answer any inquiries. This Jacket Is now available online – Click Here To Buy Now

I would love to hear some feedback from you all on your thoughts about my new Madison Jacket. (3 of 6) (4 of 6) (6 of 6) (1 of 6) (5 of 6)

Jacket – Jacket Society

Print Blouse – Halogen

Faux leather leggings – Kenneth Cole

Boots – Via Spiga

Bag – Givenchy

Sunglasses – Prada

9 thoughts on “Madison Jacket In Grey Tweed To Start 2014

  1. congrats on the first jacket 🙂
    love the details on the collar and pockets.. and the menswear looking fabric .. this gives me motivation to loose a few pounds to start shopping from your site 😉
    and did i mention how i love when you write what brand each piece is , its as if you are my own personal and private stylist! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Linette, I know for a fact that you can fit into any “Jacket Society” jacket without having to loose weight 🙂 As far as the brands, I try to give as much info as I can incase someone is interested in a piece I am wearing. Unfortunately some of them might be older pieces and not as easy to find, but its worth a try. Dont hesitate to ask me any questions about styling as well, I would love to help.

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