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Mixing My Vintage Jacket With Something Modern

Mixing My Vintage Jacket With Something Modern

As a fashion designer, I am always looking at different sources for inspiration to come up with new jacket silhouettes for the next season. This process is part of my daily lifestyle. Inspiration can come from anything around me, from shopping stores or watching how other fabulous women dress to simply looking at magazines and the internet, ideas are all around me. One of the things that has always been inspirational to me has been shopping vintage and thrift stores for great pieces to collect and get inspired by. There are some amazing classic womens jacket bodies from other eras with impeccable detailing that can be inspirational to any designer. I know there are a lot of you out there who love wearing vintage jackets as well and I personally love vintage pieces, but only when you mix them with new pieces and something more modern. Don’t get me wrong, I think some women look great wearing vintage head to toe; but for me it is very hard to pull that off without making it look like a costume and it is just not my look. I actually like the idea of mixing the old with the new better. This applies to my interior design taste as well….but that is a whole other blog story.

This past weekend my husband and I went to Pasadena California (speaking of old & new) and I decided to demonstrate this concept by wearing my favorite vintage jacket with a brand new trendy skirt, and trendy gladiators. I bought this jacket years ago when I was on a shopping trip to New York for a company I used to work for as a designer. I loved the silhouette and the cute closure idea with the bow on top and the contrast lining color, not to mention the mousey brown color which is one of my favorite colors. I have worn this jacket many times throughout the years with jeans or dresses and skirts. This time I decide to wear it with trendy and edgy pieces that are very “current” and show how great a vintage piece can mix with new and modern pieces.
How do you feel about vintage pieces and how would you wear them?

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Jacket – Vintage Womens Jacket
Distressed Jean Skirt in White – Zara
Tank Top – Target Massimo
Belt – Gucci
Shoes – Kenneth Cole gladiator heels
Clutch – Banana Republic (old)
Sunglasses – Prada (7) (6) (4) (3) (5)
 (2) (1)

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32 thoughts on “Mixing My Vintage Jacket With Something Modern

  1. I also don’t look good wearing vintage head to toe, I tend to look quite frumpy. The style of the jacket is very unusual as its swingy and cropped. I love the colour which is also very different. You’ve styled it well on top of modern whites and I love the gorgeous belt and sunnies.

  2. I love the shape of this jacket, and it does look wonderful with the edgier pieces. I am ashamed to say I don’t own a single piece of vintage anything – I may need to fix that!

  3. I absolutely agree, Nora, I couldn’t wear a total vintage look unless I’d pair it with trendy or “clean style” pieces. But a mix of styles is what always attracts me.
    You look great and I love white paired with this mauve tone – and you certainly don’t look like a mousey brown woman 😉

    Annette | Lady of Style

  4. I just love that jacket, I would never have guessed it was vintage! It also looks like your gladiator sandals match the color of it. I also love how you wore white to let the color of the jacket shine out. Such a cute outfit. Thanks again for linking up with What Wives Wear!

  5. Hi Nora another great outfit from you. I love your style. This outfit is so cute. Everything goes together perfectly. My favorite parts of your look is the distressed white skirt, and your necklaces. I like the delicate look, and color of the necklaces. I’m happy to see you linking up this week! ~Sherri

  6. Nora, this is such a great outfit on you. I love the neutral brown jacket opened to the white pallete, the stylish white skirt and I not so secretly covet the gladiator sandals! I love those, they are sexy and stylish. Sounds like a fun outing. Havea great week!
    from the link up, jess
    please stop by

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