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My New Jacket And Boots

My New Jacket And Boots

The holidays have come and gone in the blink of an eye once again.  I think you will all agree that the best part of the holidays is the giving and receiving of gifts. When we were children we would write our lists and eagerly wait for Santa to arrive with as many of them as we could hope for and now we are adults, we become our own Santa in effect.  We still write our lists, the only difference is my list goes to my husband and his list comes to me.  Our son who is eighteen is too busy to write a list since he is a teenager, so he just tells us what he wants.  It may not sound very exciting but it actually works and we end up receiving things we really need and don’t have to fight the crowds to return anything in the holiday sale madness.

This year was the first time that I did a lot of my shopping on line and I loved it.  It was so much easier since I already knew what my husband and son wanted.  The same was true for me picking my own gifts.  My husband told me to send him a few links of things I had seen that I liked and he’ll ask Santa for them for me.  I admit I am not an easy person to shop for especially when it comes to clothes, so this worked fine.  Sure enough, Santa got my list right.  I scored and received a lot of things I loved along with a couple of great surprises like a spa package and a couple of manicure/pedicure sessions courtesy of my son.

Last weekend when we went out, I decided to wear a couple of my gifts and I would like to get your opinion on them.  My booties were one of the first things I found online back in December and I immediately loved them because of the classic color.  They are Ralph Lauren and they were on sale for a great price.  I included the link for you below in case you are interested because they are still on sale and they also have them in black.

My Zara jacket was the other great find, I love the color and the gold zipper detailing.  Unfortunately it is no longer available on their website since it was on sale but you may be able to find them in their stores. I decided to wear it with one of my favorite lace tops, distressed jeans and of course my signature strands of necklaces I always love to use to accessorize my outfits.

What do you think of this look and my new gifts?

My New Jacket And Boots-0665


My New Jacket And Boots-0642


My New Jacket And Boots-0680


My New Jacket And Boots-0673


My New Jacket And Boots-0639


My New Jacket And Boots-0710


My New Jacket And Boots-0643


My New Jacket And Boots-0713

Jacket – Zara

Jeans – Zara

Top – Anthropologie (old)

Booties – Ralph Lauren Click Here To View Online

Bag – Prada

Belt – Ann Taylor

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54 thoughts on “My New Jacket And Boots

  1. Hi Nora, I hope your holidays were wonderful! I have been unplugged for a couple of weeks and I’m just jumping back into the blog world. You are wearing three of my favorites – cream, camel and denim. I love the lace shirt and the necklace -they just add that special touch to a great outfit! Love all your gifts too!


  2. Every week you look more gorgeous than the last! I love your new booties, and the jacket is so pretty. But I think my favorite is the lace top – stunning! My boys sent me text messages with their Christmas “wants” on them!

  3. I love your Christmas gifts, they look beautiful on you! That gold zippers on the pockets of the jacket are my favorite, but it has a nice cut to it, too. The booties are great, too… such a lovely outfit and the colors are perfect for the winter!

  4. The style of your jacket is classy and smart and I love the way you’ve styled it over a romantic feminine top. It looks great with jeans and again you have another stunning handbag.

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  6. Sono felicissima di avere scoperto questo bellissimo sito. Stai veramente bene , Mi piace molto anche la collana, mi piacerebbe trovarne una simile. complimenti

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