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Our Holiday Sale and Open House

Our Holiday Sale and Open House

I hope everyone had a great weekend and did lots of holiday prepping and shopping!  I had a wonderful weekend, first because it was our Holiday Sale and Open House on Saturday and I got to meet a lot of our customers, bloggers and friends I had not seen for a while, and second we finally got our tree up on Sunday!

This was our first shopping event at my new studio and the space worked out great which is what I had hoped for all along.  It was a beautiful day so I used our back yard as well.  Inside the studio, we had all the jackets hanging on racks and the jewelry and wraps were on my main cutting table.  We had a big cheese plate and some small pastries/desserts on the side for everyone to enjoy.  Outside I set up a scarf rack and a table with drinks so people could have a drink and some food while sitting outside to enjoy the beautiful day.

In addition to some of our customers and friends, I got to meet Glenda from SoWhatToTwenty who is one of my blogger friends but I had never had the chance to meet her before.  She has shopped online at the jacket Society website before so I was looking forward to meeting her in person and showing her some other items she may like.  Glenda has such a great sense of style and everything looked fabulous on her.  On top of her great style, she is also an amazing writer and has just published a book called “A Place Called Peace” by Glenda K Harrison which is available on Amazon.  I just ordered mine today and I am looking forward to reading it over the holidays.

I also met Dominique from www.dominiqueperna.com who is a personal stylist and shopper and works with clients in Los Angeles and San Francisco area.  She had also ordered from us before but I loved meeting her in person and helping her find more things she liked.  Please check out her web site if you are looking for a personal stylist or a personal shopper.

Besides Glenda and Dominique, there were also new customers and returning ones that stopped by, also friends and family who made the whole event more special.  I loved seeing everyone and meeting new people and I hope we can continue doing these events a few times a year.  Thank you so much for everyone that came by, it was truly appreciated.

Below you can see some pictures of the Studio set up and a few pictures with customers. As far as what I am wearing, I decided to wear our Chelsea jacket because I love the red/black hounds tooth combo for the holidays. I have a few left and they are currently on sale for a great price, only $99.00 and you can get it here.

Last but not least I am so happy we finally put our tree up on Sunday!  It was great to do it on a day when my son was also home (just for a few days) studying for his finals. Even though he could not really help with decorating, it was nice having him there and it reminded me of all the Christmas’s when he was younger and loved decorating the tree with us.  He will be done with his finals end of this week and will be home for the holidays for one month.  I am so looking forward to having him home.

How was your weekend and are you done with all your holiday prepping and shopping?

Jacket-Society-Our Holiday Sale and Open House-1599

Jacket-Society-Our Holiday Sale and Open House-1602

Jacket-Society-Our Holiday Sale and Open House-1601

Jacket-Society-Our Holiday Sale and Open House-1606

Jacket-Society-Our Holiday Sale and Open House-1611

Jacket-Society-Our Holiday Sale and Open House-1613

Jacket-Society-Our Holiday Sale and Open House-1614

Jacket-Society-Our Holiday Sale and Open House-1615

Jacket-Society-Our Holiday Sale and Open House-1605

Chelsea jacket – Jacket Society

Black jeans – Rag & Bone

Top – Phanuel

Booties – Circus by Sam Edelman

Belt – Hermes

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28 thoughts on “Our Holiday Sale and Open House

  1. Nora, Lisa and I had such an incredible time at your event. If I didn’t have to get Lisa back home, I would have stayed longer. It was such a beautiful day. Perfect for shopping and socislizing. You and your husband welcomed us with warm hospitality. It was great. Much, much success to you in your new space. I’m sure I’ll pop in again. And thank you for the lovely comments in this post.

  2. Thanks, Nora! It was so much fun to meet you and make new friends. And of course, do some holiday shopping! The quality and fit of your jackets is incomparable. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for unique, high quality fashion. I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season 🙂

  3. Your area is so pretty and I love how you have the scarves hung up outside (so envious of your CA weather!). Enjoy the time with your son while he is home from college. I am looking forward to two weeks off with the kids starting next week. 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas!


  4. Your jacket is superb! I love the print – it’s so perfect for Christmas but without being tacky or obvious. And that belt is covetworthy. Happy holiday season and merry Christmas to you as well! Looks like it was quite a fun event. I’ve gotten all of my shopping done except for little co-worker goodies. Everything was bought at a shop called Homespun, which specializes in goods local to the Midwest, except for a card game called We Didn’t Play Test This At All that I got for a white-elephant exchange.

  5. Found your link cruzing through blogs, what a beautiful cozy store you have. I’m a scarf girl and those scarves are so adorable. I’m also a So Cal girl but I mostly run around in exercise clothes.. which by the way are very fashionable if I must say. I’ve add you to my Bloglovin feed and looking forward to your post! Happy New Year

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