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Our New Boucle Jacket

Our New Boucle Jacket

It was back in 1954 when the iconic french designer created the first boucle jacket that was destined to become an iconic piece for the brand leading up to today.  Her inspiration came from menswear and the straight and fluid shapes without interfacing and small waisted silhouettes of the 1950s.  She wanted to provide more freedom of movement for women and she achieved her goal.  The boucle jacket has been reinvented and redesigned every season by Karl Lagerfeld  and other designers all over the world who are inspired by the look.  The word “Boucle” is actually a french word that means “to curl” and describes a yarn that is normally woven in a three-ply with one yarn looser than the rest, thus giving the material a bumpy yet fine texture.

Even though I have never owned an original designer boucle jacket, I have had many boucle jackets that were inspired by this classic look.  When I was putting our fall jacket line together, I really wanted to add an inspired boucle jacket to our Jacket Society line.  When I found this beautiful black and white boucle fabric with a little bit of gold lurex yarn, I knew I had to create and design a jacket with it for the collection.

So today I am introducing you all to our new boucle jacket.  When it comes to styling boucle jackets, I always like mixing them with trendy and casual pieces so they don’t look too serious or old.  One of my favorites is wearing them with jeans.  I decided to wear my boucle Jacket with my ripped jeans to give the look a modern edge.  I love the gold metal buttons on this jacket so I wanted to add more gold accessories.  I chose my DKNY gold chain belt and one of our brand new gold necklace with acrylic pearls that has beautiful matching earrings as well.  The whole look is very much inspired by Coco herself and how she used to wear her boucle jackets, suits and pearls. You can purchase our new Boucle jacket here and the gold and pearl necklace with matching earrings here.

Last but not least I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy  and Healthy Thanksgiving.  I personally want to thank each and every one of you for reading my blog and leaving comments.  And most of all I want to thank you so much for your support of Jacket Society’s online shop and purchasing our products.  I hope you will take advantage of our Holiday sale this week which will end by midnight on Dec. 1st.  Get 20% off when you purchase anything over $100.00 with code HOL20 and 10% off when you purchase anything below $100.00 with code HOL10.

What are your thoughts on our New boucle jacket and how I have styled it?

Jacket-Society-Our Chanel Inspired Coco Boucle Jacket-1338

Jacket-Society-Our Chanel Inspired Coco Boucle Jacket-1352

Jacket-Society-Our Chanel Inspired Coco Boucle Jacket-1342

Jacket-Society-Our Chanel Inspired Coco Boucle Jacket-1348

Jacket-Society-Our Chanel Inspired Coco Boucle Jacket-1388

Jacket-Society-Our Chanel Inspired Coco Boucle Jacket-1372

Jacket-Society-Our Chanel Inspired Coco Boucle Jacket-1351

Jacket-Society-Our Chanel Inspired Coco Boucle Jacket-1366

Jacket-Society-Our Chanel Inspired Coco Boucle Jacket-1362

New Boucle Jacket – Jacket Society

Jeans – Zara

V neck top – Ralph Lauren

Pumps – Gucci

Bag – vintage Hermes

Chain belt – DKNY

Necklace and earrings – Jacket Society

Sunglasses – BCBG

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30 thoughts on “Our New Boucle Jacket

  1. You’ve inspired me to pull out a couple of older boucle jackets hanging in the back of my closet and modernize their look, as you’ve done here, with less formal pieces. This is such a chic look for fall!

  2. Beautiful jacket, and you styled it perfectly!

  3. Wow this Chanel-inspired Blazer is beyond gorgeous and one of the most unique ones from your line. The belt is fun. Your pearl+tassel necklace and earrings are quite beautiful and fun, too. Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving, Nora!

    <3 Ada.

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