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Our Stephanie Jacket Mixed With Leather Fringe And Pearls

Our Stephanie Jacket Mixed With Leather Fringe And Pearls

Last week I introduced you to our brand new Olivia jacket, and this week I am presenting you with the Stephanie jacket which is the same jacket in an off white color.  I decided to wear it last weekend to a friend’s dinner party.  Since it was a dinner party and a date night of sorts, I wanted to make it fun and sexy so I wore it with my Zara leather fringe skirt that I bought months ago but have not had a chance to wear.  Fringe has been such a big trend for spring 2014 and now going into fall 2015, its still all over the runways.  I am glad I bought this skirt when I did and I have a feeling I will be wearing it for couple of seasons to come.

I think you will agree that another big trend happening is the return of pearls, and it’s about time.  I am sure you all saw Lupita Nyongo’s beautiful Calvin Klein dress made out of pearls at the Oscars.  If this is any indication of trends to come, I think pearls will be making a big comeback.  I am so glad I purchased the pearl and matt gold long necklace for our Jacket Society jewelry line a few weeks ago, so I thought this would be the perfect time to feature it here with our Stephanie jacket.  As you know I love mixing necklaces together, so I paired it here with another Jacket Society matt gold chain necklace with rhinestones and fringe.  Both of these necklaces are available on our web site here and here.  All that was left was some great booties and a clutch and I was good to go and party.

Our Stephanie Jacket Mixed With Leather Fringe And Pearls-2

Our Stephanie Jacket Mixed With Leather Fringe And Pearls-2372

Our Stephanie Jacket Mixed With Leather Fringe And Pearls-2474

Our Stephanie Jacket Mixed With Leather Fringe And Pearls-2454

Our Stephanie Jacket Mixed With Leather Fringe And Pearls-2424

Our Stephanie Jacket Mixed With Leather Fringe And Pearls-2467

Our Stephanie Jacket Mixed With Leather Fringe And Pearls-2386

I am also super excited to be co-hosting the “shoe and tell” linkup below with Cherie James of the blog Style Nudge.  I want to thank Cherie for featuring my Gucci slides from couple of weeks ago and giving me the opportunity to be a co host.

I would love to hear your thoughts about our Stephanie jacket and our new necklaces.

Jacket – Jacket Society Stephanie jacket

Leather fringe skirt – Zara

Top – Forever 21

Booties – Trouve

Clutch – Hermes

Necklaces – Jacket Society

Sunglasses – BCBG



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71 thoughts on “Our Stephanie Jacket Mixed With Leather Fringe And Pearls

  1. Nora I love everything about this outfit – classic, stylish & sassy! I’m a big lover of pearls & have so many hanging in my wardrobe, they really do take an outfit up a notch or two.
    Jane xx

  2. What a great edgy look!! I love the cut of this jacket. I think that I could probably invest in one jacket from your store and wear it for years! Your styles are timeless! Susan

  3. Great ensemble. Each time I see your looks, I have an urge to purchase a perfect blazer. I can’t believe I don’t own one. Your pairings are fun…a touch of classic, a bit of edge, a slathering of boho – it all makes for a creative mix that is surely eye-catching and fabulous. I saw that you also attended the Series 2 exhibit. Wasn’t it incredible? I found myself lost in the mind of Ghesquiere. Such a creative installation. #shoeandtell

    • Hi Shauna,
      Thank you so much, that clutch was a very special gift from a relative that has since passed away, she used to live in Paris and had the best taste in fashion. Its such a classic, I have had it close to 20 years and still love it!

  4. You know I love your jackets. I love the flow of this jacket, and finally invested in a few white and off white for the spring. That skirt rocks! It has rock and roll spelled out in it, especially with the boots.Your signature long necklaces also really complete this fab look!

    from the link up, please stop by, jessxx

  5. Okay Nora, now that skirt is really taking fringe to the next level and I LOVE it! Perfect head to toe! Thanks for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday! Enjoy your weekend!
    Dawn Lucy

  6. What a super fun fringe piece, Nora. The necklace and open-back booties are awesome too. You are one sexy mamma, in this. I was so happy to see you co-host with Style Nudge!

    Happy Monday, Lovely Nora!

    • Hi Carrie,
      Thank you so much, I was only co hosting with Cherie from Style Nudge, it was only for last week and will not be an on going link up for me. But you should check out Cherie’s linkups on Mondays called “shoe & tell” at

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