Our Trip To Europe Part One Amsterdam
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Our Trip To Europe Part One Amsterdam

Our Trip To Europe Part One Amsterdam

As promised here is Amsterdam; an overview of one of the cities we visited on our wonderful summer holiday this year, over the next two weeks I will show the other two parts.  Since we visited four cities on our European tour, it would be too long to fit into one or even two blog stories, so I have decided to divide it all into three blog stories, with part one here being Amsterdam, part two will be Bruges and part three Brussels and Antwerp.

We flew to Amsterdam with a stop at London’s Gatwick airport for a few hours, where we had a quick full English breakfast at the airport (eggs, fries, beans, bacon, sausages and toast), yes the works and then took an EasyJet flight to Amsterdam.  EasyJet is a European airline that has frequent flights to all the major cities all over Europe at very reasonable prices.  We stayed in Amsterdam for three nights which I think was good enough for us.  I think anywhere from 3-5 nights will work for Amsterdam depending on how detailed you want to be in your sightseeing.  The hotel we chose was the Double Tree by Hilton right next to the central train station, which we found to be a very nice hotel with great rooms, an amazing breakfast buffet and a great Sky Lounge terrace on the roof with fantastic views of the whole city. The hotel is situated in a central area, pretty close to everything including canal cruises, restaurants and its right on the water. One thing that took some getting used to pretty much everywhere we went was the slow food and drink service, but then we had to remind ourselves that we are in Europe and to take it easy and enjoy.

Amsterdam’s name derives from the city’s origins as a dam of the river Amstel and the city itself is so unique and magical with canals running throughout the city, the boat cruises are so worth it and give you a great introduction and perspective of the city. This was the first thing we did on day one, we took the canal cruise for an hour to see the city from the canals which was really enjoyable. Oh did I mention there are also lots and lots of bicycles all over the city, it is their number one form of transportation and let me tell you “bikes have the right of way” so watch out for them as they will not watch out for you! You can even rent bikes to explore the city as well which looked like alot of fun but we did not opt for that as it seemed someone might get hurt!

Here are some of the places we visited over the 3 days:

  1. The Van Gough museum
  2. The Heineken Experience (my husband’s favorite)
  3. The Rembrandt House
  4. City Canal Tour
  5. Lots of walking in the streets and enjoying the sights

We wanted to see the Ann Frank house but the line to get in was super long and we were told it was a two and a half hour wait so unfortunately we did not make it.  The lines for alot of the museums were also long , but then we found the trick is to pre-purchase your tickets for the attractions at the many kiosks etc around the city. Then you can just walk to the front of the line at the attraction and go straight in.

The food was great everywhere we ate, we especially loved an Italian restaurant called “Italia Oggie” and we also had some yummy Thai food at the Bird Thai Restaurant.  Thai food is very popular in Amsterdam.  The shopping was also pretty good, it is not exactly Paris or London, but you can find some nice little boutiques here and there and I managed to buy my first fall booties there which I love. I also bought another pair of G Star Raw jeans, I have a pair that I love that I bought years ago in Spain.  I had no idea that G Star Raw is manufactured in Amsterdam, so there was a store on every corner and the prices were a lot cheaper than here, almost half in some cases.

I also have to mention the famous “coffee shops” in Amsterdam which are not where you get your coffee; they supply a variety of marijuana for smoking or ingesting in baked goods or sweets. Mariujuana is completely legal in Amsterdam and you smell and see people smoking it freely in the streets.

Overall I loved Amsterdam, it’s such a beautiful city, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of visiting.  The only thing I didn’t like about the city was its “Red Light District”.  Not only is prostitution completely legal there, but it is displayed in such a dehumanizing way to women.  When you walk in this area, you see provocative and scantily clad women behind shop windows beckoning and waiting for customers.  You can’t really miss it because it is right in the center of town and it is a harsh contrast to the rest of the beauty of Amsterdam.

I hope you enjoyed this quick recap and if any of you are thinking of traveling to Amsterdam and want to ask me more questions, you can email me at nora@jacketsociety.com and I will be happy to help.  Also if you have been to Amsterdam and want to share your experience I would love to hear about it in the comments.  You can see some of our photos below.

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36 thoughts on “Our Trip To Europe Part One Amsterdam

  1. This is so funny for me. With nearly every photo I think “oh I know where that is”… Like the one with the bike and the flowers behind you, is near the Rijksmuseum haha.
    What a pity I didn’t you were coming. We could have had a coffee together. If you want to enjoy Amsterdam a little longer.. there is a tab at the top navigation of my blog called Amsterdam. There are several posts in there which lead you through Amsterdam shopping areas. (Not much good to you now eh?)
    The red light district? Yep I know, it is not pretty, but that is the reality of the world for you. Fortunately you can avoid it when you know where it is.
    Coffeeshops with marijuana? Yes there are quite a few, but frankly I only know one. If you don’t need them, you don’t notice them. And I am glad to say there are more “normal” coffeeshops than “special”coffeeshops.
    You had nice to reasonable weather by the look of it. I am so glad. When Susan of Une femme d’une certain âge was here, it rained almost all the time.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures with all of us! Love to see the pretty surroundings you visited and the cool, chi chi outfits you wore! Inspiring!!

    • Hi Anne,
      I enjoyed all your comments on my IG while we were traveling. You are the expert and the seasoned traveler after all. I really enjoy all the pictures you put up of your travels on your IG. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. You look amazing in each and every look you’ve shared here, Nora! Love your clean, minimalist aesthetic!

    PS. After a short hiatus, I’m back with a newly refreshed website and plan on sharing much more personal style. Please stop by when you have a moment.

  4. The entire time I wondered if you met up with Greetje.
    The pictures are so pretty. I lived vicariously through you. I’ve always wanted to take a tour through Europe. Perhaps someday I will. You look casual, but very pulled together with each of your looks.
    What history. I don’t think I could have seen the Ann Frank house. I’m not brave enough to take those types of memories.

    • Hi Glenda,
      Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet Greetje 🙁 It was a truly amazing trip…I love traveling and try to do as much as I can while I can. I hightly recommend it as it is good for your soul and body. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my long story 🙂

  5. What a great recap and fantastic photos of a wonderful city. I was lucky enough to have locals show me around when I was there. Greetje was a brilliant host.


  6. I was nodding along with Greetje at her comments, as I’ve been to Amsterdam and my husband is Dutch! Bicycle is king in The Netherlands and woe betide you if you don’t look out for them! Glad you enjoyed your trip.


  7. Isn’t Amsterdam Fantastic? It is definitely one of my most favorite cities. I bet you had a fantastic time with your husband. Awesome pictures and fantastic outfits.

  8. I love all of the pictures, and of course you look stylish in each one. Love the leather jacket, boots, the top from Zara, and the mustard dress, love the pic of you and hubby! I would love to go to Amsterdam sometime, really enjoyed the photos of the scenery, sounds like you had a great time!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

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