Pantone Fall Winter 2020/2021 Colors

Pantone Fall Winter 2020/2021 Colors

Hello ladies, with fall right around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at Pantone’s Fall Winter 2020/2021 color trends.

Below you can see each color with the name and a little description for each one. The last 4 colors are what they are calling their classics.

Let me know what your thoughts are on the colors and which ones are your favorites. Would you like to see any of these colors represented for our fall and winter collections in our shop?

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A radiant autumnal orange, it promotes
self-confidence and creative self-expression

A voluptuous sultry red, Samba introduces an upbeat energy

Tied to nature, earthy Sandstone speaks of the rustic outdoors

Classic Blue
A boundless blue hue, Classic Blue is evocative of the
vast and infinite evening sky opening us up to a world of possibilities

Green Sheen
Optimistically rebellious, Green Sheen is a bold acidic
yellow-green shade that will always stand out

Rose Tan
A gentle dusky pink, Rose Tan imparts a sense of composure

Ultramarine Green
Ultramarine Green, a deep cooling blue-green,
exudes self-assurance and poise

Fired Brick
Strong and sturdy, Fired Brick adds gravitas

Peach Nougat
Nurturing Peach Nougat embraces with its inviting warmth

Magenta Purple
A hypnotic purple shade, Magenta Purple intrigues and mesmerizes

Almond Oil
Tasteful Almond Oil is a smooth and subtle off-white shade

Blue Depths
Blue Depths implies an air of mystery and the unknown

Highlighting our desire for longevity,
Sleet is a timeless gray that is dependable, solid and everlasting

Military Olive
Military Olive is a strong and stalwart foundational green tone.




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  1. I can’t believe Fall is right around the corner. I am so excited! There are so many beautiful colors this upcoming season and I love them all especially Amberglow, Sleet and Fired Brick.



    1. Hi Maureen,
      I know I can’t believe we are talking about fall already..thank you for your input, I like all the three colors you mentioned as well.


  2. Love the Sleet and blue tones, the almond oil and the olive for fall. The other colors are a bit too garish for me right now. Don’t know if it’s the stay in place/quarantine restrictions, but I feel the more somber colors give me a quiet sense of peace and calm. Also more of a classic feel.


    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Thank you very much for your input. I agree that there are some strange colors included in this palette. I personally love the more neutral and calmer colors as well.


  3. That green sheen is a color I love! It is so neat to see what colors they select. The neutral and earthy tones I love, too.



    1. Hi Carrie,
      Thank you so much for your input.


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