Our Parker Moto Jacket Styled With Our Graphic Tee
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Our Parker Moto Jacket Styled With Our Graphic Tee

Our Parker Moto Jacket Styled With Our Graphic Tee

Our Parker Moto Jacket Styled With Our Graphic Tee

Lately I have been wearing our Parker Moto jacket a lot and it is becoming one of my new personal favorites..  I find that it is the perfect weight and color and it works for slightly cooler or warmer days depending on how you style it.  I first styled this jacket for you back in February and you can see that post here and it has been a best seller for us ever since.

Last week I did a blog story about wide leg trousers and the fact that they are trending.  For some of you the wider leg pants are difficult to wear, so I wanted to show you another option which is the fit and flare pants or jeans. With these pants you get the wider leg look but in a slimming way, so it is an easier and more universal silhouette for everyone to wear.

This is the perfect opportunity to show you my fit and flare black jeans as it works so well with the Parker Moto jacket and our Grifflin Paris graphic tee.

As you all know, I always like a pop of color with my outfits, it could either be my shoes or bag or one of my accessories.  For this look,  I chose to add our beautiful sheer voile coral and ivory print scarf which is part of our brand new spring scarves collection.

You can purchase the Parker Moto jacket here, Grifflin Paris graphic tee here and Sheer Voile Coral and Ivory print scarf here.

Our Parker Moto jacket, Grifflin graphic tee and Coral and Ivory Print scarf are all part of our Weekend Flash Sale where you can get 15% off with code FS49 plus Free Priority shipping in the USA. The sale will end Sunday at midnight.











What do you think of my look?

Parker Moto Jacket – Jacket Society

Grifflin Paris Graphic tee – Jacket Society

Black jeans – Hudson (old)

Sandals – I.N.C.

Sheer voile coral and ivory print scarf – Jacket Society

Bag – Gucci

Belt – Ferragamo

Sunglasses – BCBG

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28 thoughts on “Our Parker Moto Jacket Styled With Our Graphic Tee

  1. Great outfit. I have a number of “moto” type jackets that I love to wear. I really like the way you styled the pants and tee with that cool belt. Love the color of the scarf. Perfect casual look! – Amy

  2. I think it is tempting…. very tempting… so my style… what would be my size? A busty woman I have become with a size L. In Europe I am a size 40 which is a 10 I think in USA.. But if I look at your sizes I should have an XL, otherwise my chest and waist won’t fit. Tsssss … an XL
    But I will have some room at the hips. I am an inverted triangle: no hips, no bum, broad shoulders, large bosom, pretty large waist (32/33 inch). Chest: 40.5, hips: 39.
    Have you got any pictures of it with the jacket closed?

    • Hi Greetje
      I think you should be fine with a size large. I am at an event today but when I get back to the studio I will measure the bust and let you know. I can also take a photo of the jacket closed and send it to you. This jacket does not come in XL. Thank you so much for your interest and I will sent you an email later today.

  3. The black, white and coral is a fresh mix. I wouldn’t have thought to mix a t shirt with such a smart jacket, but it works!

  4. Nora…i love everything about your outfit, it looks amazing. I am now going to try a pair of wider leg jeans since they look great on you. I am envious that you are enjoying such beautiful weather though. Here on the East Coast of Canada we are having a snowy day. Btw, i am really enjoying all your posts, they are very inspiring.

    • Hi Karen,
      Thank you so much, we were having really nice weather but the last few days we have had lots of rain and it is continuing for a couple of more days. Can’t complain too much though since we need it in Los Angeles. I hope you find some wider leg pants you like, its always great to be open to at least trying new shapes, you just never know you may love it 🙂

  5. Beautiful and colorful as usual Nora. I own a very similar scarf which I love. I must say the jacket and graphic tee are stunning though. Does the sale end this Sunday on the 17th of April?

    • Hi Ada,
      Thank you so much! That sale ended last weekend since it was our weekend Flash Sale. However if you are interested in any item on the web site, you can use code JS10 and get 10% off of anything.

  6. You look so cool – as always! 😉
    I know this might be off topic, but can I ask what brand/color is your lipstick? It’s absolutely gorgeous!

      • Thank you so much for the information!
        I read that this color is part of Mac’s permanent line, however it is not sold in my country (Denmark), but at least I know what to look for, and maybe I’ll be lucky to find a dupe.
        P.S. Hopefully I’m not being intrusive but I really like your inspiring outfits and not least your personal colors (i.e. skin, hair and eyes) – maybe this is the reason why the lipstick seems so perfect! 🙂

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