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A Quick Getaway To New York City

A Quick Getaway To New York City

As I mentioned before I grabbed a much needed quick getaway to NYC with my son last week.  So before I get into the trip details and what a wonderful time I had especially being there with Stefen, I have to mention my “flight from hell” LAX to JFK.

I had an early morning flight (8:00 am) from LAX on Monday which meant I had to be at the airport around 6:00 am.  So I arrived on time after typical LA traffic only to find out the flight was weather delayed for an hour, not great but manageable.  The plane took off and I was having a nice comfortable flight enjoying my new book when about an hour from landing the pilot came on the PA system to inform us of severe thunderstorms and lightning in NYC. He told us that the plane would have to circle around to wait for the storms to clear before we could land at JFK.

So we continued to fly around and around in circles for probably about an hour and a half.  The next announcement from the captain was that we could not be cleared to land at JFK because of the lightning danger and that we were being diverted to Detroit Metropolitan airport to land and refuel.

Besides being upset about this news, I was also extremely concerned about my son who was flying into NYC from Chicago to meet me. All I could think about was if anything had happened to his flight.  After landing in Detroit, I was able to receive word from him that his flight was canceled and he was staying the night at a Hilton hotel at the airport and would fly out the next day.  Not great news but at least he was safe, I didn’t want him to fly into NYC in bad weather conditions anyways.

So Back to my flight, we were told we could leave the aircraft but not to go far as we were going to take off within the hour.  Well, that hour turned into three hours and a half of waiting on the airplane which was not fun. At that point I wished we could just stay in Detroit and fly the next morning as well.

Well, we finally managed to fly out of Detroit and land at JFK at 1:00 am.  It then took me another hour and a half to get my bags and get a taxi to the city.  My supposed five-hour flight turned into a 14-hour ordeal and it was so good to get into bed that night. My son arrived the next morning and we both decided to put our bad flight experiences behind us and enjoy a good lunch and look forward the rest of our trip.

We were staying at the Gansevoort Hotel in Meatpacking District which was very nice and in an area we really like.  It has a nice pool and bar area on the roof with great views as well as a nice bar in the lobby. I have shared a few photos below and I highly recommend it if you are thinking of staying in the Meatpacking district.

We have both been to NYC several times and seen nearly all the sights; I had the same trip with him last year which I did a blog story on – you can see that here.  So our main goal this trip was to enjoy our time together, shop, have fantastic food and relax. The only place I really wanted to see which was new was the Oculus Train Station at the World Trade Center which is an amazing structure to see.  Unfortunately, the actual train station is not open yet so we could not go inside but we took photos of the structure, which you can see below.

We then walked over across the street to the Brookfield Place which was originally called the “World Financial Center” and was renovated in 2014.  The building which overlooks the Hudson River is home to many financial businesses.  They have now added a lot of shops and restaurants to the main floor, which we walked through and then went outside and enjoyed the view of the Hudson River.

As for the rest of the trip we did some shopping mainly in Soho, Meatpacking district, Barneys and Bloomingdales.  The other highlight was eating at some fabulous restaurants like Del Posto, Colicchio and Sons, Balthazar and La Sirene.  All the restaurants were excellent I highly recommend any of them if you are planning a trip to NYC.  I have shared some photos below where you can see what I wore including some of our Jacket Society pieces which were:

Santorini cold should top

Coral bouquet top – Only one left

Black and white paisley trapeze handkerchief hem tunic

Overall I had a wonderful time in NYC and it was extra special to spend these few days with my son who will be going back to USC very soon.  We both love traveling and we both love NYC so I am sure we will be back soon.


Gansevoort Hotel - Meat Packing District

Gansevoort Hotel – Meat Packing District


Gansevoort Hotel - Meat Packing District

Gansevoort Hotel – Meat Packing District


Roof Top Bar - Gansevoort Hotel - Meat Packing District

Roof Top Bar – Gansevoort Hotel – Meat Packing District


Gansevoort Hotel - Meat Packing District - Roof Top Pool

Gansevoort Hotel – Meat Packing District – Roof Top Pool


Shop - Shop - Shopping

Shop – Shop – Shopping


Shopping Again In The Meat Packing District

Shopping Again In The Meat Packing District


Starting The Day With Breakfast At The Chelsea Market

Starting The Day With Breakfast At The Chelsea Market


Shopping In Soho

Shopping In Soho


More Shopping In Soho - We Scored !

More Shopping In Soho – We Scored !


The Oculus - $4 billion Dollar Train Station

The Oculus – $4 billion Dollar Train Station


9-11 Memorial

9-11 Memorial


Brookfield Place NYC

Brookfield Place NYC


Brookfield Place NYC - Love This Mural

Brookfield Place NYC – Love This Mural


Brookfield Place NYC - Love This Place - What A view - almost surreal

Brookfield Place NYC – Love This Place – What A view – almost surreal


Brookfield Place NYC - Love This Place

Brookfield Place NYC – Love This Place


World Trade Center + The Oculus

World Trade Center + The Oculus


Mid Town NYC

Mid Town NYC

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24 thoughts on “A Quick Getaway To New York City

  1. You might think about changing your opening page photo.. of the tower and plane and NYC.. it is too reminiscent of an event 15 years ago.. I am sure it is something you may not have noticed.. but I thought of it right away

    • Hi Peggy,
      I have changed the photo, I am sorry if it upset you. That was a photo my son took while we were there and we didn’t really think it had any connection to 9/11. I don’t want to offend anyone so I have changed the photo.

  2. Hi Nora, other than the flight to NYC, it looks like you had a wonderful trip. We have been to Brookfield Place several times as Beth works across the street. Years ago, during 9/11, she bartended at a local bar in the meatpacking district before it was “hip” to be there. It is wonderful to see how the downtown area has come back after 9/11. It is the resilience of the America spirit.

    It must have been wonderful to be able to have fun in the city with your son. We’re going to see Beth again next week – Yankees game!

    You captured some great shots of the financial area. I hope you were inspired with the fashion. Can’t wait to see your fall looks!

    • Hi Kathy,
      You are right, other than the flight I had a fab time with Stefen. I agree that it is wonderful to see how dowtown area has blossomed after the 9/11 attacks. I was in New York when 9/11 happened, I was there for work and it was horrible to witness, so I love going back and seeing how it has come back to life. Your daughter works in such an exciting environment! Have fun next week 🙂
      I am currently working on fall and hopefully we will start getting items up on the site by next month and all the way throughout fall.
      Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  3. I just returned home from my first trip to NY. I am from West Virginia so it was very grand and beautiful for me to see. I have enjoyed your photos with your handsome son. I also am quite in love with the blue cold shoulder blouse so I had to order it! I love your photos and your stylish outfits… I think you are amazing!

    • Hi Tara,
      Thank you so much for the order! I am so glad you like my photos. The Santorini top is one of my favorites, it is such a pretty blue and I always get compliments on it. I am pretty sure you will be happy with it. It will ship on Monday and we will send you tracking info. Thank you for stopping by and your nice comment.

  4. Lovely photos; it’s always so fun to travel with adult kids. Your outfits are great, and I wonder if you might share some info about your shoes. When I travel to NYC I always find shoes the most challenging aspect of packing. Its so hard to find shoes that are stylish and chic but also comfortable for the miles of walking that we do.

    • Hi Kathryn,
      Thank you so much! I know what you means with shoes. I find it easier to pack shoes for fall since you can wear flat boots, loafer or trainers and they are comfortable to walk in for a long time. I took two flat sandals, the tan one is from Zara and the black one is Alexander Wang. I bought both of them last summer and they are pretty comfortable. Not as comfortable as trainers would be, but it was too hot to wear trainers which can be quite fashionable too. I also took one pair of sandals with heels which I wore one night for dinner. For the plane ride I always like wearing closed toe shoes so I wore my Cole Haan loafers but again it was too hot to wear them in the city daily. I hope this was helpful.

  5. Just love the grin you have on your face in every picture you took with your son! 🙂 I was grinning right along with you lol Nothing like that mother-son connection. You looked so happy. Glad you had the time with him, it goes by so fast doesn’t it?

    Take care!

    • Hi Paula,
      Yes it sure does! He’ll always be my little boy and I cherish every minute I get with him now and I guess it shows, haha…thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words.

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