Spring 2015 Trend Alert Printed Jackets

Spring 2015 Trend Alert Printed Jackets

Over the last few weeks I have been shopping for some printed fabrics to make some cute jackets for the Jacket Society women’s jacket line.  As a designer it is challenging to find a prints, especially ones that customers will like because prints are so personal and everyone’s preference is so different.  You can only go by your own preference or by the history of what your customer’s have liked in the past.  Prints are a lot of fun and they can add a lot of interest to an everyday outfit especially as a piece like a jacket or blazer.

Printed fabrics are a year round category that can work for any season.  Usually for each season, be it spring or fall, there are certain categories of prints, like florals or geometrics, that work better for that particular season. The other factor that distinguishes each look per season are the color combinations of the prints.  Therefore prints can be done at any time of the year. Personally though, for some reason I tend to gravitate towards printed jackets for spring, summer and early fall and stick to more traditional patterns, like stripes, jacquards or plaids for fall.  I think this holds true for a lot of designers as well, because you tend to see more prints for spring than fall on the runways as well.

The great thing about a printed jacket is, you only need one piece to make your whole outfit pop. A lot of women tend to do a printed top with a solid jacket, which is perfectly fine.  But once in a while its good to switch and do a printed jacket instead.  You can still mix it with a printed top or bottom.  Here are a few pointers for how to mix prints:

1.  If your jacket is a big and bold print, mix it with a smaller more subtle print or solids only.

2.  A printed suit is ok, but try to mix it with a solid top to break it up.

3. Let your print jacket be the focal point of your outfit without adding too many other elements.

I have a cut of printed jackets in work right now and I can’t wait until they are ready in a couple of weeks, so I can style them for you and add them to our web site.  In the mean time I have picked some looks from the spring 2015 runway shows with printed jackets for your inspiration.  I have also picked some pieces for you that are in stores right now with their links that you can actually shop for now.

What are your thoughts on printed jackets and which of these are your favorites?










JACKET ABOVE – CLICK HERE                                      JACKET ABOVE  – CLICK HERE


JACKET ABOVE – CLICK HERE                                      JACKET ABOVE  – CLICK HERE


JACKET ABOVE – CLICK HERE                                     JACKET ABOVE  – CLICK HERE

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Jacket Society was launched in the fall of 2013 by fashion designer Nora Minassian. Jacket Society is about Nora’s passion for classical and stylish easy to wear women’s fashionable jackets and blazers. Nora earned her BA degree in fashion design and merchandising from Otis College of Arts & Design and has worked in the fashion industry for many years, travelling to the fashion capitals of the world to keep up with current fabric and style trends. Nora started this website and fashion blog to showcase and sell her favorite jacket styles that are all designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California. On this site she will share her experience and knowledge of women’s fashion and present her unique sense of style by giving her fans and customers an opportunity to follow her jacket styling tips and secrets, emphasizing her favorite current and past classical jacket styles and be able to offer selection of her favorites for sale here on her Jacket Society website.

  1. Some lovely picks Nora, I’ve only recently invested in a couple of patterned jackets, as I’m not big on patterns in general but I’ve found them incredibly useful & easy to style.
    Looking forward to seeing your new jackets that you’re currently having made.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane xx


    1. Hi Jane,
      I know what you mean, patterns are hard and solids so much easier. But I think its good to try them sometime. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I love the light blue version from Anthro, it’s beautiful and subtle! All great picks!

    pumps and push-ups


    1. Hi Brooke,
      I love that one too! Thanks for stopping by.


  3. What a gorgeous selection! You have taught me so much about jacket style! Thank you! I love that pink one at the top ! We would love for you to link up with Charming Friday today1 Have a great weekend! Susan


    1. Hi Susan,
      You are so welcome! I will be there for the linkup 🙂


  4. Good information here, Nora. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to select fabrics for others. This post reminds me of a bold floral print blazer that got away from me on eBay. The person outbid me in the final seconds.


    1. Hi Glenda,
      Oh noooo I know how that feels when you get outbid on ebay, its not fun 🙁 Thanks for stopping by Glenda.


  5. These pictures are amazing. I love the inspiration.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


    1. Hi Amy,
      Thank you for stopping by!


  6. What a fun trend! Thanks for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday & I hope you’re having a fab weekend!
    Dawn Lucy


    1. Hi Dawn,
      I totally agree thanks for stopping by!


  7. Some really lively jackets there and fab tips for how to wear them! Thanks for linking with #allaboutyou


    1. Hi Caroline,
      Thank you for stopping by!


  8. Thanks 4 linking up 2 Top of the World Style. Your favorites are also mine. I also love the long floral jackets and the cropped ones


    1. Hi Nicole
      I am glad you like them, thanks for stopping by 🙂


  9. great selection. want it all

    Posts online about Buenos Aires, Monaco, London….


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