The Workmanship Of My Acne Studios Jacket
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The Workmanship Of My Acne Studios Jacket

The Workmanship Of My Acne Studios Jacket

The stores in Los Angeles have had some amazing end of the season sales and markdowns recently. A Couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to find this beautiful Acne blue peplum jacket in one of these sales.  It was the last piece and it had been marked down a few times.  Lucky for me, I think the main reason was because it was such a small size.  I got a really good deal with this jacket since Acne Studios jackets are normally quite expensive.  Acne Studios is a company based out of Stockholm Sweden and the collection is designed by Johnny Johansson.

He is very good in mixing cool urban staples with a modern edgy twist with lots of attention to detail and a strong emphasis in tailoring and eclectic use of materials and custom made fabrics.  Recently they have opened a store in downtown Los Angeles (Eastern Columbia Building) near the garment district and whenever I am downtown I make sure to take a peek inside as they have beautiful jackets.

The first thing that drew me to this jacket in the store was the beautiful blue color and the raw edge detailing, but as soon as I put it on I also loved the shape of the body and the bell shaped sleeves.  I was mesmerized by how beautifully it was made inside which is just as beautiful as the outside.  As a designer, I really appreciate good construction techniques especially in a women’s jacket. You don’t see a lot of construction like this in ready to wear jackets; they are mostly in high end designer levels or haute couture.  This is why I really wanted to share this with you and tell you a little bit more about the work that goes into a beautifully made jacket as this is a real treat for me.

The whole jacket is fused with a cream color cotton canvas interlining to give the jacket more structure and body.  This is because the blue fabric is too light weight for a jacket so designers use this technique to give it more body.  I have used this technique on some of our jackets as well.  In addition to this they have used a cotton crinoline canvas interlining layer in the bottom part of the peplum to make the peplum stand out.  Crinoline also known as horsehair is a material that is durable and easily shaped and used in clothing or hats to give them shape.  It is used a lot in wedding gowns or evening gowns.  The other detailing inside that I love is how all the seams and darts are clean finished with a binding made of the blue satin lining material to give the jacket a finished look.  This is a great way to show the inside construction of a jacket without it looking messy.  It is an alternate way to finish the inside of a jacket rather than sewing in a full lining.

Here I am wearing my Acne jacket with my favorite D&G flared black pants.  These pants have a bell shape to them and they compliment the bell shape of the jacket and sleeves.  Since it has been quite warm in Los Angeles, I just wore a tank top underneath and added two of my beautiful necklaces that I have just added to our jewelry selection on our web site.  These two pieces are sold separately and will look great on their own as well, but as you know I love layering lots of necklaces together so I thought the two pieces together made a more dramatic statement.

You can find both necklaces Here and Here 

What are your thoughts on the jacket and my new necklaces?

The workmanship of my acne studios jacket-1287

The workmanship of my acne studios jacket-1307

The workmanship of my acne studios jacket-1356

The workmanship of my acne studios jacket-1305

The workmanship of my acne studios jacket-1389

The workmanship of my acne studios jacket-1331

The workmanship of my acne studios jacket-1312

The workmanship of my acne studios jacket-1392

The workmanship of my acne studios jacket-1435

The workmanship of my acne studios jacket-1436

Jacket – Acne Studios

Pants – D&G (old)

Tank top – Massimo for Target

Shoes – D&G

Bag – Prada

Sunglasses – Rayban

Necklaces – Jacket Society


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50 thoughts on “The Workmanship Of My Acne Studios Jacket

  1. The end of the season sales are precious to update your closet! I always take advantage of them and buy good quality pieces….
    Your jacket is wonderful and suits you perfectly! ( as well as every other piece of your outfit!! )

  2. You could wear this jacket inside out and it would be stunning! Love the bell shaped sleeves and the flounce….very flattering! Beautiful necklace too!

    • Hi Susan,
      Thank you so much! The garment distric in LA is where a lot of factories and offices are for fashion companies, its where you source your fabrics and trims and have your products made. There are also a lot of discount stores you can shop. I make all my jackets at a small factory in the garment district and know the woman who owns it really well. I love working directly with the factory, that’s why I make eveything in LA.

  3. This is lovely on you, and the color is perfect! I enjoyed reading about the construction of this jacket – the inside is almost as pretty as the outside.

  4. A cobalt blazer is on my must-buy list. Hope to add one to my closet this year. Your peplum one is a stunner, Nora. =)


  5. This jacket looks and sounds amazing! I absolutely love the color and the fit is perfect on you. I am also in love with your necklace! Thank you for sharing this with Celebrate Southern last week! i am pinning this look to the Celebrate Southern Pinterest board as we speak!

  6. I like the color a lot. And the shape of the jacket compliments the flared pants. Thanks for linking up at Who’s Wearing What Wednesdays at Pastries, Pumps and Pi!

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