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Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles

Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  Normally we like to stay home for Valentine’s Day since going out to dinner can get very stressful. But this year it fell on a Saturday; so we decided to make a fun “date” out of it.  I have wanted to visit the Louis Vuitton Series 2 exhibit in Los Angeles since it opened back on Feb. 6th, so we decided to head out to Hollywood to see the exhibit and have dinner later at Fig and Olive which is a restaurant we both wanted to try for a long time.

Let me tell you that the exhibit was well worth a visit.  Nicholas Ghesquiere became the artistic director of Louis Vuitton in November 2013 and this is his vision of the time travel through past-present-future of the brand.  The exhibit has seven rooms and it shows the process behind Ghesquiere’s technique in putting his spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection and fashion show together, which was shown in Paris back in October of 2014 and just hit the Louis Vuitton Stores last week.

  • 1st room – called the “Abstract Title” shows the oversized neon logo which was initially the seal of the founder Louis Vuitton who launched his house as a trunk maker back in 1854.
  • 2nd room – called the “Talking Faces” allows visitors to experience the opening animation of Ghesquiere’s spring 2015 women’s collection for Louis Vuitton.
  • 3rd room – called the “Magic Trunk” shows one of the house’s most recognizable products in hologram projections. Heritage pieces include Greta Garbo’s LV monogrammed shoe trunk circa 1926 purchased at Bullocks in Los Angeles. (Sold recently for$37,500)
  • 4th room – “Savior-fair Room” focuses on the “Malletage” (famous Louis Vuitton bag) inspired by the inside of a Vuitton trunk.
  • 5th room – “Backstage” recreates a fashion show’s backstage space, rolling racks of the clothes with some of the actual runway pieces.
  • 6th room – “Infinite Show Room” is a 360 degree projection room showing runway shots of all the 48 looks from this collection, coming at you at every angle and in a continual loop.
  • 7th room – “Accessories Gallery” showcases the accessories on the pure canvas of Marte Mei van Haaster’s scanned, 3-D printed figures alongside heritage pieces.

As you get ready to exit, there is an area for souvenir stickers for you to take home.(The idea for the stickers came from the luggage labels that were often affixed to Vuitton’s trunks in the golden age of transport)  These stickers are images taken from the prints on the white denim pieces in the collection that included a hair dryer, lipstick, headphones, etc.  Everyone also gets a free “Louis Vuitton Series 2” poster.

We tried to take as many pictures as we could for you to see the entire effect.  But if you live in the Los Angeles area I highly recommend you visiting the show as it is a visual treat and you can only get the real experience by being there.  The exhibit closes this weekend on February 22nd, it is located at: 1135 N Highland Ave Los Angeles CA Open 10am – 6pm.

Afterwards we went to dinner at Fig and Olive.  Pascal Lorange is the famous chef behind the food which is influenced by the coastal regions of south of France, Italy and Spain.  It has a beautiful ambiance inside and is very spacious, the great food was amazing and even though it was Valentine’s Day, the service was not that bad.  I would highly recommend this restaurant if you are in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago.  We truly enjoyed our meal and over all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day.

What did you do for Valentine’s Day, I would love to know.

Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles-1906

Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles-1994

Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles-1911

Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles-1921

1st Room – Abstract Title

Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles-1928

2nd Room – Talking Faces


Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles-1934

3rd Room – Magic Trunk


Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles-1958

Accessories Gallery



Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles-1943

Accessories Gallery


Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles-1963

Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles-1972

Infinite Show Room


Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles-1975



Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles-1976

Vest With Sticker Prints


Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles-1993

Accessories Gallery



Fig & Olive – Melrose Place – West Hollywood


Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles-1999

Fig & Olive – Melrose Place


Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles-2001

Fig & Olive – Melrose Place


Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles-2004

Happy Valentines


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50 thoughts on “Visiting The Louis Vuitton Exhibit In Los Angeles

  1. Sounds like an amazing time and very well organized. Interesting to learn how the bags were inspired. What a neat exhibit! I love this neutral look on you with the camel blazer, your signature longer necklaces, jeans and slingbacks! The place for dinner I have heard of, but never went. Sounds like you had a great time, and you always look amazing in jeans!
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess xx

  2. Great post Nora, I love a great exhibit & the next best thing to being able to view it personally is viewing it online, so thanks. We’ve recently had the John Paul Gaultier here in Melbourne which was amazing. Love your blog & love your style, look forward to all your posts. X

  3. I love this look and post Nora. What a neat event. Would love to steal those jeans, they are the perfect fit. Brand? And, those shoes have to be Gucci? yes? Went skiing in Vermont for Valentine’s Day and that night it was -12 degrees! I’m so jealous of your tan!

    Thank you for linking up with Shoe and Tell on Style Nudge!!


    • Hi cherie,
      Thank you so much! The jeans are Zara and my sandals are Gucci, you are right 🙂 I feel for you with the winter season you and everyone else is having. In LA it feels like summer, I actually wish it was a bit cooler so we could at least experience some fall/winter….

  4. What fashionista wouldn’t want to spend Valentine’s Day at a LV exhibit! Bravo! You look wonderful & thanks so much for sharing this with Fun Fashion Friday!
    Dawn Lucy

  5. A very versatile blazer. In addition to jeans, it would look great with dress pants or a pencil skirt. Thanks for linking up at Who’s Wearing What Wednesdays at Pastries, Pumps and Pi!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful event…love your outfit especially the jacket btw what brand is your blouse. Please do tell! Love how effortlessly it goes with your camel jacket.

    • Hi Joanna,
      It was a fabulous event, my top and jacket are both Zara. I bought the top on their holiday sale so they may not have any more. I normally add my outfit details at the end of my post but somehow I forgot to do it on this post…thanks so much for stopping by.

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    • Hi Lousie,
      The top and the jeans are both from Zara. The Jewlery is two necklaces combined together and I dont really remember I have had them for a few years, I belive one was Ann Taylor. We have similar gold and pearl necklace on our web site right now if you are interested in checking it out.

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