Visiting My Son Wearing The Chelsea Jacket
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Visiting My Son Wearing The Chelsea Jacket

Visiting My Son Wearing The Chelsea Jacket

As I mentioned a couple of months ago my son started college at University of Southern California (USC) back in August.  He packed up his things and moved there to stay in the dorms while attending classes.  It has been strange not having him around daily, but I am happy to say that he has been coming home regularly almost every weekend or at least for a day on Sundays.  USC is only 12 miles away, but there have been times that he has chosen to stay on campus due to a football game, too much homework or of course “a party”. When this happens, I am prepared and I make a point to meet him for lunch or dinner near the University or in downtown Los Angeles area.  This is very familiar territory for me being in the fashion industry, everything I need from fabrics to trims, contractors and patternmakers are all located in downtown Los Angeles area, so I know the area well.

Last weekend was one of those weekends he was not coming home, so my husband and I who is also my photographer decided to meet him for an early dinner and squeeze in a photo shoot for the blog at the same time.  We love shooting in downtown Los Angeles, there are so many great buildings and destinations to choose from.  I wanted to show our Chelsea jacket again which is made of a beautiful red/black hounds tooth fabric.  Reds and burgundies and even blood orange are all trendy colors for fall 2014 and were shown by many designers on the runways earlier this year.  Personally I have always loved red especially for fall/winter.  It is the perfect bright color to work back to black, grey or navy.  I am wearing it here with my skinny black jeans and my brand new Trouve pointy boots.  I thought this would also be a good opportunity to show you how to mix some patterns together so I decided to wear a print top with the hounds tooth jacket and I even threw in a little patterned pocket square.  I have always loved pocket squares for women, they go so well with jackets.  I know mostly men wear them but why not try wearing one as an accessory for a change.  You can still mix in all your jewelry with it as well.

What do you think of this look and would you wear a pocket square?


Visiting My Son Wearing The Chelsea Jacket


Visiting My Son Wearing The Chelsea Jacket


Visiting My Son Wearing The Chelsea Jacket


Visiting My Son Wearing The Chelsea Jacket




Visiting My Son Wearing The Chelsea Jacket


Visiting My Son Wearing The Chelsea Jacket


Visiting My Son Wearing The Chelsea Jacket


Visiting My Son Wearing The Chelsea Jacket

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Jacket – Jacket Society Chelsea Jacket – Click To Shop Now

Skinny jeans – Rag and Bone

Top – Collective Concepts (old)

Pointy boots – Trouve – Click To Shop Now

Bag – Givenchy

Sunglasses – BCBG

Belt – D&G

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46 thoughts on “Visiting My Son Wearing The Chelsea Jacket

  1. What a great look! And I vote yes on a pocket square, it gives an outfit such a distinctive style. Those boots are way cute. I think I might need some for my Fall outings too!

  2. Nora!
    I adore this whole look. I honestly think I have said that about all of your outfits. Such great taste. The red checked jacket is a stunner, it stands out and I love the chains and the scarf in the pocket. You make it so stylish with the black jeans and sexy boots too, I wouuld wear this outfit in a heart beat!! ( if you ever need anyone to model you jackets, I would be up for the task) ! LOL
    I would wear a pocket square if it looked like that yes. It sounds wonderful that your son is going to college close by, but yet can also be on his own. sounds like a great time you had
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  3. You look great! I love the mix of patterns and textures! The jacket is a very versatile piece and could be used in a-thousand-and-one ways:) Pocket square? Yes.

  4. Your jacket is stunning. I love the pattern, colour and style. I like how you’ve styled it with skinny jeans and your jewellery really make the outfit even more fabulous. I like the addition of the pocket square. I hope your son is enjoying college?

  5. Nora,
    All the different elements that you bring to your outfits all work beautifully – the layered necklaces and bracelets, the pocket square, the black and white top paired with the red an black houndstooth, the handbag, etc. So much of style is balance and that is what you do so well. And, YES, I love to wear pocket squares – it’s an unexpected detail.

  6. Love the pocket square! I am a huge fan of scarves and will definitely give it a go. Totally agree with you about the Fall colours, it’s usually so damp and grey over here in the UK that it’s great to brighten things up.

    Thanks for linking #AllAboutYou

  7. That red houndstooth jacket is gorgeous. I love that you put the hand-kerchief on the pocket. Pairing it with the fun, edgy, chain statement necklace was a bold move. The whole outfit is stunning and sexy, Nora. I bet it was nice seeing your sot after he left the nest.

    You all have a Great Halloween Weekend! <3 Ada.

  8. I love houndstooth, especially in this red color! You always have such great places for your photo shoots and your husband does a great job shooting them! I hope my kids stay close when they go to college (they are only 5 and 8 now) and it is nice he is only 12 mi away, so that on the weekends he doesn’t come home you can catch lunch or dinner.

  9. Why did I not think you had kids? And as IF you have a son old enough to be in college…..get OUT! Today I am shocked! And you are totally one of those yummy mummies, like he must be the guy on campus with the sexy stylish mum!

    This look is perfect for the weather we’re having and I love the idea of the pocket square which is greatly underutilized. If I use it, I will be sure to give you credit.

    Hope to have you join the #reasonstodress linkup again tomorrow!

    • Hi Angie,
      You are so sweet, you always have the nicest comments…yes I have an eighteen year old son 🙂 I agree with you that the pocket square is greatly underutilized and I hope it becomes more popular for women…why not try a pocket square? Thank you so much for stopping by and your link up opportunity as well.

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  11. Hi Nora -I’m new to your blog and website and totally loving both! Your photography is great, and your looks are fantastic. I’m a jacket lover too – and look forward to now reading back through the archives and checking your blog daily! Regards from Canada:)

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