Visiting The Los Angeles Art District In My Avery Jacket
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Visiting The Los Angeles Art District In My Avery Jacket

Visiting The Los Angeles Art District In My Avery Jacket

My husband and I are always looking for new locations to use for our blog shoots and when we do find a great location we try to make a day out of it and explore the area. Last weekend we decided to go and see what was going on in Los Angeles Art District to shoot my latest Avery jacket. We had both been in the area many times before and had always admired the “cool factor” about that neighborhood.  The Art District is on the eastern side of Downtown Los Angeles and has seen a lot of growth and development over the last few years. Its is located between 1st and 7th street with the west border being Alameda and its Eastern border essentially being the Los Angeles River. The area is filled with older industrial buildings as well as many new and old residential Lofts. In 1981 the city of Los Angeles passed its “Artist in Residence” or “AIR” ordinance which allowed residential use of formerly industrial buildings. Artists had long used such spaces as their living quarters illegally and the “AIR” law sought to bring this practice into legality. Today, the Art District remains the home of artists, arts enterprises and many who are employed in LA’s film and television industry. It is one of the most filmed locations in the world. All the warehouse spaces, industrial inspired artist’s lofts and graffiti filled walls, bring an exciting, creative energy to the area. In the recent years there have been more and more galleries, studios, coffee shops and restaurants opening in the area, making it one of the trendiest locations in Los Angeles. With that being said Tim and I spent a couple of hours walking around  area looking for some suitable locations around the Urth Caffe and then we wandered down to Handsome Coffee Roasters to have a break and grab one of their specialty espressos (my favorite type of coffee). While relaxing with our delicious espressos we edited the photos of the Avery Jacket we had shot earlier.  The Avery jacket is a sister to our Harper jacket. They are the same body but with slightly different fabrics and color. Just like our women’s designer Harper jacket, the Avery jacket is also made with a beautifully soft and sanded tencel fabric, but the fabric has a nice subtle texture to it as well. I chose the color “baby blue” since it is one of the latest trendy colors for spring / summer 2014 and it is a very flattering and wearable color for any skin tone. I am wearing it with my favorite Rag and Bone jeans, a simple tank, and my favorite gladiator sandals of the moment. I would love to hear your thoughts on our Avery jacket.

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The_Avery_Jacket_Los_Angeles_Art_District_Jacket_Society_8   The_Avery_Jacket_Los_Angeles_Art_District_Jacket_Society_6   The_Avery_Jacket_Los_Angeles_Art_District_Jacket_Society_5   The_Avery_Jacket_Los_Angeles_Art_District_Jacket_Society   The_Avery_Jacket_Los_Angeles_Art_District_Jacket_Society_4   The_Avery_Jacket_Los_Angeles_Art_District_Jacket_Society_7   The_Avery_Jacket_Los_Angeles_Art_District_Jacket_Society_3   The_Avery_Jacket_Los_Angeles_Art_District_Jacket_Society_2   The_Avery_Jacket_Los_Angeles_Art_District_Jacket_Society_12   The_Avery_Jacket_Los_Angeles_Art_District_Jacket_Society_10   The_Avery_Jacket_Los_Angeles_Art_District_Jacket_Society_9   Jacket – Jacket Society “Avery jacket” Jeans – Rag and Bone Tank – Calvin Klein Sandals – Kenneth Cole Clutch – BCBG (old) Belt – Gucci (old) Sunglasses – Persol

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49 thoughts on “Visiting The Los Angeles Art District In My Avery Jacket

  1. Hi from the link up. I love your jackets!! I wonder if you would be interested in following each other on bloglovin? Love to find women my age or so, who have effortless style. I do the same thing with locations, and my friend told me it was called “Bloggers Syndrome” looking for the perfect spot to shoot. I love the area you chose, pretty. Your jacket is a gorgeous color and fit, they do make an outfit.. I also love the shoes, and wish I could wear heels like that
    please drop by

    • Hi Rhea,
      Thank you so much for your nice comment. The Art District is a great area for a shoot, it has a cool vibe. Also I wanted to mention that I sell all the jackets I design on my web site…in case you were interested 🙂

  2. What a beautiful color – perfect on you! I love every one of your jackets – the way this one falls is so flattering. Have a great week!

  3. Hi Nora, Just found your blog and website on the vodka infused lemonade blog. Love your idea of jackets. Love the fact that you pair a lot of your jackets with jeans too. I recently started my own style blog and I love when I find a fellow blogger whose style I can relate to. Look forward to following you. Cherie at

  4. As Jess already said, we all suffer from the “blogger syndrome”.
    I live on the countryside in Bavaria and my photo background is usually green nature – I tend to call it the “cow backdrop” as in summer the farmers bring out the cows… 😉
    Although my readers love it, I sometimes wish I had a more urban background for business type looks!
    Anyway, your look is stunning as always! The light blue suits you so well and I love the draped front.

    Annette | Lady of Style

    • Hi Annette,
      Even though I haven’t been to Bavaria (at least not yet), I know countrysides in Europe are beautiful, having been to England’s countryside. It is harder for me to find those kind of green settings in Los Angeles but I always try to find an interesting background if possible. Thank you so much for all your comments and likes, I really appreciate it.

  5. That jacket is not only such a unique cut, but it’s an amazing color too! I really love it. Plus, that necklace really ties the whole outfit together beautifully!

  6. The jacket is beautiful. What a wonderful location for a shoot! I love that you included the history of the area in your post. Your husband takes great pictures. I’m hoping as I get more into blogging and venture more into the fashion side, I can get my husband to help me more. We have so many great locations around us.

    I found you through the Penniless Socialite link up.


    • Hi Jessica,
      Thank you for your nice comment. I love finding new locations to shoot and photography is one of my husband’s hobbies so he enjoys it as well. Good luck with getting your husband involved 🙂

  7. Wow, love that color. It’s like you are wearing the sky.

    Your jacket looks really nice and lightweight and I love the way it falls at the front. ..relaxed, but chic!

    Please drop by some time and visit! Cheers, Deborah – Fabulous After 40

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