Weekend Flash Sale On All Our Jackets Blazers And Vests
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Weekend Flash Sale On All Our Jackets Blazers And Vests

Weekend Flash Sale On All Our Jackets Blazers And Vests

With fall being right around the corner, we are all starting to think a little more about jackets, blazers and outerwear in general.  Before we even get into real fall, there is a nice transition period from summer into fall that requires some lighter weight outerwear pieces as well.

I have been super busy recently working on Jacket Society fall products and I will start debuting some of them soon and many more as we start moving into real fall.  I know a lot of stores get fall merchandise early and I am very familiar with those deliveries having previously sold to many department stores.  Even back then I always thought the stores debuted new seasonal merchandise a bit too early when the consumer is not really ready for it.  Who wants to look at heavy wool coats in August when it is still 80 degrees outside? Now that I have my own online store, I choose to work a little closer to seasons because it’s more realistic for me.

I will also start sharing some fall trends and colors with you starting next week and throughout the fall season.  The runway shows were back in February and we all need reminders as to what we saw was trending.  In the meantime, I thought it would be a good idea to have a Flash Sale on all our jackets, blazers and vests this weekend to get a head start on transitioning into fall.  We have a lot of pieces that you can wear now and easily take them into fall.

Below I have put together some of our most current looks and best-selling jackets and there are many more pieces that you should check out in our “shop jackets” section of our store.

We have some jackets that are already on sale so an additional 15% will make them a great steal.  You can shop directly from here.

Use Code FS813 to get 15% off all our jackets, blazers and vests plus Free US Shipping.  The sale will run for the whole weekend and will end Sunday night at midnight.  

What are your thoughts on when stores should have fall merchandise and when do you start shopping for fall?

coral color lightweight womens jacket

Cosmo Jacket


Canary yellow womens vest

Canary yellow vest


classic womens blazer

Milano Blazer


Blossom print womens jacket

Blossom print jacket


Rose fringe boucle jacket

Rose fringe boucle jacket


Womens classic boucle jacket

Grace Fringe Boucle Jacket


womens Faux Black Leather Vest

Faux Black Leather Vest


womens cropped blazer in light gray stripe

Savanah Blazer


pale yellow womens jacket

Lemon drop jacket


Mondrian Jacket

Mondrian Jacket


classic womens casual blazer

Roma Blazer


Pollock Jacket

Pollock Jacket


Sonoma Blazer

Sonoma Blazer

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16 thoughts on “Weekend Flash Sale On All Our Jackets Blazers And Vests

    • Hi Sheela
      Yes it is a very nice quality faux leather and the body is very versatile, you can wear it loose or belted with so many different things. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  1. Hi I’m not very good on the Internet and would have loved to have been able to buy the black crochet jacket on your lineup but I just couldn’t find it anywhere to buy?? Please can you make it lleasy for us “oldies” who aren’t computer literate to be able to purchase your lovely garments..
    I’m finding it really frustrating as I have wanted several of your jackets over the last year but can’t work out how to order them……my grand daughter who is up with the language only comes over to Australia once a year which is too long to wait for her to order things for me???? This isn’t really a complaint as I really love your products but I would love to be able to easily buy them instead of waiting….by the time they come to help everything is sold out…..I really love your jackets……well done…just wish I could work out how to get some of them lol?……….

    • Hi Isabelle,
      I am so sorry you are having a hard time ordering our jackets. You can tell me what jacket you want and in what size plus your address and credit card info (number and the back three digits) and I can place the order on your behalf. I want you to know though that we do charge for shipping for international shipments, and it is $25.00 for small box and $40.00 for big box. I will also send this message directly to your email. Thank you so much for your kind word and let me know if I can help in any way.

  2. Just came across your black crochet jacket. Sold out of course but absolutely loved it! Will you get anymore in? Or something similar? Looks like it would transition into fall very well.

    • Hi Carol,
      Unfortunately I can’t get any more of that lace fabric so we will not be able to recut that same jacket. Hopefully we will be able to have similar jackets in the future. Meanwhile there are a lot of other jackets we have that would transition into fall like the Black Eyelet Embroidered jacket. Thank you so much for stopping by.

    • Hi Anna,
      We do ship to Australia and any other country outside USA. In fact I just shipped an order to Australia yesterday. The only difference is international shipments are not free. You get to choose the option when you are in our shop. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  3. So many amazing jackets and vests! I agree that retailers put out Fall merchandise way too early. When I purchase something I want to wear it right away. Although I found some amazing Fall transition pieces in stores now that offer Fall colors in summer weight fabrics, so that’s always a huge plus.

    Thanks for linking up On the Edge of the Week! I hope to see you again next week. Have a wonderful weekend!


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