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Since I started the Jacket Society blog and womens Jacket line back in August of 2013, I have been working from home. This has been a big transition for me since prior to that I had a full time job that I had to be in an office daily and dress accordingly. Actually most of my life I have had that kind of a job schedule and quite frankly I liked that schedule with the exception of a few years when my son was young and I felt I was missing out on his growing up. As you all know when you have your own business your mind never really shuts down from thinking about work. But when your office/studio is also at home, it is even harder to distinguish specific work/play time. So I basically work 24/7, that does not mean I work all the time, it just means that I might work less on a week day but work all day Sunday. Your schedule becomes a lot more flexible and for the first time in my life I kind of like this schedule. I think it’s because I am older and I can discipline myself enough to be able to balance things the right way. This was a lot harder when I was younger, I really needed an office space and office hours to set my mind to work and then shut down. Having explained all this, my wardrobe habits have also changed with the changes in my work environment. What I wear during the week as work wardrobe is not that different from my weekend wardrobe.
For example here is what I wore last Saturday for lunch and running some errands. One of my favorite jackets I own which is not a Jacket Society piece nevertheless I wear it all the time. I love that it has a tailored clean look but because of its boxy shape you can wear it casually with anything. Today I chose to wear it with my white jeans which I wear year round and my favorite Cole Haan loafers. This outfit can easily be one of my outfits during the work week when I run downtown to source fabric or meet with my contractors.
How about you, do you have a weekend wardrobe v weekday wardrobe.








Jacket – Troy Smith for D Collection
White Jeans – Club Monaco
Tshirt – Target Massimo
Loafers – Cole Haan
Belt – Ann Taylor
Bag – Prada
Glasses – Ray Ban



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Jacket Society was launched in the fall of 2013 by fashion designer Nora Minassian. Jacket Society is about Nora’s passion for classical and stylish easy to wear women’s fashionable jackets and blazers. Nora earned her BA degree in fashion design and merchandising from Otis College of Arts & Design and has worked in the fashion industry for many years, travelling to the fashion capitals of the world to keep up with current fabric and style trends. Nora started this website and fashion blog to showcase and sell her favorite jacket styles that are all designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California. On this site she will share her experience and knowledge of women’s fashion and present her unique sense of style by giving her fans and customers an opportunity to follow her jacket styling tips and secrets, emphasizing her favorite current and past classical jacket styles and be able to offer selection of her favorites for sale here on her Jacket Society website.

  1. Very classic and comfy in this outfit and you look Great. Visiting from Style Sessions. . .


    1. Thank you for checking out my blog.


  2. LOVE this look with all the light colors and dainty jewelry. So fresh and classic. You look great!


    1. Hi Ellen,
      Thank you so much!!


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