What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest
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What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest

Suede and ultra suede are one of the biggest trends for spring and after seeing some of the fall 2015 shows, its looks like it is carrying straight into the next fall season as well.  I have been experimenting using ultra suede (faux suede) for some new jacket pieces.  As you know real suede is very nice as well but difficult to work with, just like real leather you have to buy it in pieces not yardage and it ends up being very expensive when you are done making a jacket out of it.  Ultra suede on the other hand comes in yardage just like any fabric and still has the look and the feel of suede.  It is the perfect kind of suede to use for spring, since it is lighter weight as well.

We have barely had a fall/winter season here in Los Angeles, and this last weekend it was once again ridiculous with temperatures well into the high 80s and it felt like summer.  So after a really busy work week, my husband and I decided to head to Santa Monica beach to enjoy a nice Saturday out in the sun and grab dinner somewhere to see the sunset later on.

I decided to wear this tan ultra suede cape vest for the outing which is a one of kind sample that I wanted to get your opinions on.  I love hearing from you all every week and this is the best way for me to get product feedback from readers and customers.  Originally I was going to wear a long sleeve top under it but it was so hot that I had to go with a tank top instead, of course it could be worn with a long sleeve top underneath for cooler days as well.

My outfit was pretty simple and casual so this cape vest was a fun addition to throw on and make the outfit more exciting.  I also added this fabulous necklace that we have just added to our web site and I love it.  Its my personal favorite color combination of gold, turquoise and brown and works perfectly with this outfit.  You can find the necklace here.

I would love to hear your opinion on this cape vest, would you like to see this item in the Jacket Society line?

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2550

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2597

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2577

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2582

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2632What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2611

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2616

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2682


Cape vest – First sample of my own design

Jeans – Zara

Tank top – Massimo for Target

Sandals – Bought in Paris years ago in a specialty store and the label has worn out…sorry

Bag – Prada

Necklace – Jacket Society


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74 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest

    • Hi Marybeth,
      Thank you for the input! I believe you should have received your Chanel inspired necklace and I hope you like it! Also thank you so much for your order this morning on the Paris print scarf. You will love this scarf as it is one of my favorites. Hopefully we will have these cape vests on the web site in the neck month or so.

  1. This is a very chi chi looking outfit for date night! I love the soft, effortless style and feel of this jacket! Would be perfect for the needed layers with the changing temperatures we are all starting to have going into Spring. Yes, must add to the collection.
    The necklace is a combination of all the colors and textures I love….will be ordering it to add to my bling collection! You are my sister from another mister!!!! Happy Spring!

  2. I love it, it looks good with jeans, which I live in. but I think it would look very classy with something nicer. I have become enamored with vest type poncho’s, this is another one to love.

  3. LOVE the cape vest! You are a fabulous seamstress!! I love the flowing collar area and the best part are the pockets! In general I sway more towards faux leather/suede stuff, simply beause they tend to be easy on the wallet…

  4. I absolutely love everything about this outfit. The cape is beautiful, but I love how you matched it with a casual outfit and then all of that turquoise jewelry. Beautiful!

  5. I LOVE it and would go with so many of my outfits. Your style is amazing and I enjoying seeing how you put outfits together. Gives me so many ideas, only wish we had the beautiful weather that you do. When this ultra suede cape is available I will be adding this to my wardrobe. Any idea when it will be put on your website ?

    • Hi Freda,
      Thank you so much for your kind words, I am glad I can inspire some outfit ideas for you 🙂 After so much positive feedback about this cape vest, I will work very hard to put in into work right away, but it will take a couple of weeks or one month before we can have it available. I will make sure to let everyone know. Make sure you sign up for email notification on our blog that way you will know exactly when they are available.

  6. I think it looks FAB!!! You paired it perfect with turquoise and the style and swing is similar to a kimono but with more FLARE!! YOu look FAB!!!

  7. hi Nora
    I really like the shape, kind of a waterfall look in the front. I like the look and feel of ultra suede I think more than suede especially when one lives in a warm area. Very chic styling, always lookig great in jeans, and love your sandals. I actually saw sun 2 days this week!

    from the link up, please stop by, jess xx

    would love for you to come to my first link up next Tues at 7AM est March 17 called Turning Heads Tues. :-))

  8. Love the cape vest! For a few reasons: I don’t buy real suede or leather and finding pieces like this always makes me happy. I love the softness and way if flows like fabric and isn’t stiff like suede. It’s really elegant and takes your jeans look to a higher level. I would buy one of these 🙂

  9. Beautiful and I love the way you styled it! How about a poncho too? 😀

    Looking like California casual perfection, Nora! Thanks for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday!

    Dawn Lucy

  10. I love it!!! I think it’s perfect for this time of year living in CA. I live in AZ, so I definitely understand the skipping of winter and heading straight for the perfect temperatures.


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